Jessica Dornieden

Your Right-Hand Woman - Because you can't clone yourself. I need a Virtual AssistantI am a Virtual Assistant

I totally understand your situation right now.

You could do so much more in your business, if you could just clone yourself. Unfortunately, that’s something you probably can’t have, but what you can have is a right-hand woman.

You are in the right place if…

  • you run an online business that has multiple, possibly complex, revenue streams
  • your current arrangement with your assistant(s) is not working, because you need more dedicated support
  • you are extremely passionate about what you do and need a team that has your back


  • you are on your journey to building your Virtual Assistant business and you’d like to work together to take things to the next level

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Download the ConvertKit Migration Checklist

Download the ConvertKit Migration Checklist

Migrating Email Service Providers is scary - I  totally get it. That's why I created my ConvertKit Migration Checklist, to hold your hand and talk you through the process - step by step.

Yay! Check your emails to get your checklist!

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