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Building your Team

When you’re building your team and hiring team members it is actually more important to hire the right kind of person, rather than hiring someone that has all the “knowledge”. You can teach someone new skills but you can’t make them a nicer person – sorry! We all have natural strengths and weaknesses and I am extremely aware of what mine are – and I love working with people who know theirs too!

Gallup Strengths


  • Activator 100%
  • Command 100%
  • Communication 100%
  • Positivity 100%
  • Self-Assurance 100%
My strengths are listed above – nothing to hide – and I want to elaborate on these a little bit more. My personality type is ESFP, which you are welcome to research. I am a naturally upbeat and enthusiastic person and one of my main strengths is positivity. By positivity I don’t mean stupidly believing that life is perfect and looking at every situation as though it’s a pot of gold, but I mean that any negative experiences don’t affect me as negatively as it does other people, and I will try and give the situation a good dose of realism and then move forward to get back to the positive.
I’m a good communicator and I can usually navigate even challenging situations with ease. I’m also great at getting other people to communicate, so if you’re facing a challenging issue and you feel stuck I can help you to talk about what’s going on for you and identify ways forward. I don’t dwell on the negatives and am actively looking for a solution – the next step. As your right-hand woman I’m happy to hold regular meetings with you and the rest of the team and keep everyone in the loop.
 I’m an Activator and action is my thing – and this is what got me to the place I’m in with my business. I see so many people spend all their time reading and consuming content, but not taking action, so if you’re a procrastination sensation, I can help you to keep moving forward by starting projects off for you, or at least holding you accountable to the goals.
I am also a natural leader through my Command strength and I don’t mind to take charge of a project – provided I have all the resources to complete it from start to finish and a certain amount of creative freedom on how to get there. I’m also very honest and facts form a huge part of my interactions. I don’t like guesswork, I’d rather see what the facts tell us and then make my mind up according to that. I am very observant and details (particularly related to people) don’t go unnoticed.
I also have a large amount of self-assurance – none of this is new to me. I know my strengths and I know the areas where I don’t do so well and have adjusted my business accordingly. I can bring this self-assurance to your business and over time will identify areas where we are doing well and those where we may need to pay some attention to.
I am happy to send you the full details if you’re interested on working together. 
PS: If you’re wanting to know my weaknesses, do book in for a call.

Meet the Team

I know that I’m fabulous at what I do, but as I said before I also know my limitations. I have the same amount of hours in the day as you and there are things that take a lot of time and produce little results for our clients, so just like you I have built a team of people that can support me – and you!

Jessica Dornieden – Chief Right-Hand Woman

I’m Jess and I’m the founder here at jessicadornieden.com. I am responsible for the business, bookkeeping, content creation, providing client solutions and strategic aspects of the business. I also manage all the different projects.

Personality Type: ESFP

Favourite Online Tool: ConvertKit

Jelena – Business Manager and Tech VA

Meet Jelena, techy VA and right-hand woman. Jelena has great skills in a huge array of product suites and is stubborn enough, not to give up when things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. She has supported me since the Summer of 2016 and I wouldn’t want to work without her.

Personality Type: INFJ

Favourite Online Tool: MemberPress, ConvertKit, Evernote and Wunderlist

Maria – Tech VA

Maria joined towards the end of 2016 and has been supporting us with a lot of the regular scheduled client work. She handles most of our social media scheduling and keeps our plate clear for the big stuff.

Personality Type: INTJ

Favourite Online Tool:

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