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Who is Jessica Dornieden?

Hey! I am the Co-Founder at and – where we help entrepreneurs to amplify their impact through publishing perfectly edited podcast episodes on time, every time.

Before that I built Jessica Dornieden & Co. a tech and marketing VA agency and quit my job within 6 months.

And even before that (in an old life) I was first a nursery nurse and eventually a daycare manager.

I also support my clients at and with tech, marketing and advertising.

This site is about actionable business and life advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. I want to share strategies on starting a business, marketing and more.

I’ve failed and succeeded over the years, and these are my stories.

Bonus, you can check out my YouTube channel and about my experience with starting and growing a VA business – and hopefully in future other more relevant content.

If you’re into podcasting, you can check out my show Podcasting for Experts.

Current location: Tirana, Albania

Things I like:

☀ Walks out in nature

☀ Learning new stuff

☀ Reading (non-fiction)

☀ Music (although I’m stuck in 2018/19 why is the new music so 💩?)

☀ Road Trips

☀ Hanging out and drinking coffee with good people

 PS. If you want to email me, you can reach out at jessica [at] jessicadornieden [dot] com

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