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I’m over due an update on my residence permit, which ended up taking almost all of last week to sort out.

Before my appointment on Tuesday I was still missing a couple of bits of paper – I still had the police check left to translate, so I made contact with the Expat group and got a recommendation for We Translate Albania who translated my police check from German to Albanian in no time and also sorted out notarising the document. So if you need anything translated, give them a shout.

I then also headed out to get my passport photos done, which as always turned into an intersting exercise of waving arms around. Photos cost about 250 Lek, but if you want them finished now rather than coming back 5 hours later, you pay double.

My appointment

Tuesday came and I reported to my appointment for 12pm as agreed. It involved some queuing outside, then speaking to one guy, another guy and another guy.

Luckily my man is helpful in the language department, I understood that they mainly asked some questions clarifying details about my documents etc.

Then I was given a paper application form, a mandat pagesen and the info that I’d need to pay at the bank, fill out the application form and then return with those 2 asap. and then I also needed to bring some mysterious form that shows I am registered to pay some taxes. My work permit as still open as well, because they take a while to process the application.

Paper Application Form

The paper application form was almost the same as the online one so I didn’t understand why there was 2. It’s really important that you’re super accurate with filling that out, so write the exact address on your rental contract NOT the one you send delivery drivers to cause it’s easiest. Otherwise it had almost all the sections in AL/EN so it was easy to complete.

Paying the bill

Currently for 1 year residency it’s 10.000 Lek and you can pay at any bank with the piece of paper they give you and of course you pay a fee for doing so. You’re going to want to keep the proof of payment and then go back to the Migracioni with the proof that you’ve paid and the form.

Leja e Punës

For the work permit the guy had already submitted my application online, but I received an email from them asking me to post my documents, which I did. For that you just go to the post office (funnily enough you do not need to buy an envelope, they’ll give you one), you need to write the address as it is on the email, as well as your name and phone number for any returns and then for about 125 Lek your documents are on their way.

Now I am waiting to hear back from them.

The mysterious tax paper

The thing that took the longest to sort out was the mysterious tax paper. We worked with the last accountants here and honestly I did not understand half of what they were doing, or I am not sure if they bothered to do it. Here the attitude is a bit like, well you don’t have to pay anx taxes until you earn x amount so we’ll register you once the time comes kinda thing.

I cannot use e-Albania, because I do not have a personal identification number to log in, I only have one for the business, so getting the document off of e-Albania wasn’t possible, so we neded to go and find a new kontabilistja to help us out with this stuff and get the paper for me. This took a few days of coffee dates and running around but in the end I got the paper and it was emailed to their office.

And since then I haven’t heard anything else.

I also have no idea who would contact me next and how or when, but I will just give it some time and maybe give them a call next week or so.

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