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This is update number 3 and 4 on the residence permit (Spoilet Alert: I got it, but all is not well yet).

Slowly but steadily the end of my 3 month tourist visa was approaching and I wasn’t going to risk being told some BS again about it “not mattering” and then getting fined, so I headed back to immigration about 2 weeks prior.

We queued up outisde, were queue jumped as usual, then explained the man why we were there. They checked on the front desk and it turned out that my temporary permit had been waiting there for a while, but nobody bothered to let me know “we should have just known it was there”.

We were then told to wait outside because the temporary permit is set to expire the same date as your tourist visa expires (makes no sense I guess, but it is what. it is).

We waited outside, were successfully queue jumped a second time and eventually ended up seeing a lady who informed us that the guy who can help us is not there anyways and we should come back the following week on Wednesday – so after wasting 1 hour we left to return the following week.

Visit Number 4

We ended up coming back the following Wednesday, mainly because we still hadn’t heard anything neither from immigration nor from the zyra e punes about my work permit exemption thingy-ma-jig.

So we arrived and queued up, and got queue jumped as usual before ending up explaining 3 times what we want and why we’re there. We spend an hour to wait to speak to the guy to then be told that we didn’t need to speak to the guy anyways.

We spoke to a different lady who deals were papers to be told that my permit is ready but it can only be collected tomorrow.

So we ended up returning the next day and were able to at last collect the document which is now valid until Jan 2021, so 3 months before I have to re-apply for the permit…


Leja e Punës

I still don’t have a bank account. To open a bank account we need my leje qendrimi and the leje punes. So we ended up heading to the zyra e punes this week to try and pick it up (for foreign people the right office is the one close Pazri i Ri). The lady had phones us before to ask for some additional documents in addition to the ones I’d posted, however when we went there today she insisted she’d NEVER received ANY papers and we should go and make photocopies and come back another time. We supported a local business with photocopies and returned with the same documents.

We then were told that all is good and the application would be processed at last in about 7 days or so. She’d call us.

She did call us a mere 3 hours later to tell us that the business that was on hold and had been “activated” again by our accountant had in fact NOT been activated therefore my application cannot be processed.

I as a foreigner cannot log into e-Albania to do this sort of stuff myself, so we’re now having to change accountants to then try and get the business activated for real this time and then go and get the paper to her for a THIRD time.

And THEN maybe, I can have a bank account. Here’s to a successful misison.

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