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This post is a continuation from the last post I wrote on organising my reading and note taking so that I can at least keep track of the new information I am consuming, the insights I’m getting from it and also make it all searchable at the same time. If you didn’t read the last post > Here it is.

What’s happened in 2 days?

In the last 2 days I focused on getting a clearer system in place that allows me to continue reading the books I’m currently reading but do so way more efficiently and actually get some use out of it.

As I’ve started to explain in my last post, I was struggling with information being in lots of different places and nothing being done consistently (my biggest problem anyways).

In the last 2 days I focused on streamlining everything inside Notion and here’s what I’ve ended up with so far.

Transferring books into notion

I wanted to transfer all of the books that I’ve saved in different places into Notion so that it’s easier for me to see what I wanted to read and make good choices based on different areas of life.

So I went through my Scribd account and saved all of the titles I had on all the different lists, I added info from my amazon wishlist as well as from Goodreads, so that I have most of the things on my “shelf”.

Setting up a structure for taking notes

I then created a template to use for taking notes so that it’s not as much of a garble of info as it has been and it forces me to think about what IMPACT has this book actually had.

For that I used one of Ali’s templates he shared over here. I don’t really read much fiction at the moment, so I stuck with the prompts for non-fiction for now and I’ll review in a month or 2 how it’s going.

It looks a bit like this at the moment:

Step 3 would then be to automate the process of adding highlights into Notion, I did again want to follow Ali’s advice for transferring highlights, but I am using Scribd to access books at the minute and I cannot export the highlights (if you know how to, lmk) and I can’t sign up for kindle unlimited due to location, so I’m a bit stuck on the automation part of this whole thing, but I think the system is good enough for right now.

Making time to read – as a priority

If you’ve known me for any amount of time then you know that I subscribe to the philosophy of “if it’s important you’ll make time for it”.

I’ve been fascinated for years with people who are in relationship with guys that “are too busy to see them”, but that’s a whole other story.

Reading is important to me and I’ve always spent time reading, but mostly for long blocks at the weekend and then I feel I don’t really spend enough time digesting what I’m reading, so I decided to set aside 2 hours in the mornings every week day for personal development, which includes reading at least ONE chapter of a book. I read very quickly, so time is definitely not an excuse, messed up routine would be the most likely reason for this to fail (eg. over sleeping etc.).

I will keep reading and then I’ll share a little review further down the line as to how it’s going and whether I can keep up the daily routine of reading and whether the manual note-taking is good enough for now – in the meantime it’s time to move on to other things that need fixing!

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