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So in the spirit of getting control of my time back and setting some boundaries with people I started with organising my calendar. Last week I’d already set time aside between 6 and 8am for Personal Development and Organisation. I don’t have a solid morning routine yet other than I want to check into Notion and read, and that will be another area that needs to be addressed, but for now, I just wanted to make sure I made time for ME in the mornings. 

The blocks above represent the must dos for this week.

The blue calendar is my work calendar and it contains a couple of call appointments, the colours on the calendars are down to the phase of my cycle changing (if you have no clue what I’m on about read In The Flo) so my calendar colours change to represent the current phase of my cycle I’m in.

I’ve blocked out the hours I need for my client which averages about 4 hours a day depending on the days that are fixed and then I need 1-2 more for flexibility, but I’m going to try and keep it that way. I’ve had to swap these between the AMs and PMs because of the tech team we work with that’s based in the US, so my availability needs to change a little bit to meet their needs.

So based on this I have free time slots on Tue AM, Wed PM, Thu AM and Fri PM.

I then made a list in Notion of all of the things that I needed to do in a week to look after my environment and myself a little more without forgetting anything.

I then got sick, so I didn’t get to implement anything else on the calendar, but I carried it forward to this week. I created time slots specifically allocated to House Cleaning as well as Personal Care and moved some more things around.

How’s it going now?

So far using the calendar is going well. I left lots of empty slots in between to be sure that even if I get an “urgent message” with something that is broken (work related) and needs attention, I can attend to it without throwing my WHOLE morning/afternoon off.

I also started adding into the calendar if I need to do other things (for example I need to apply for my residency, so yesterday I had to go and waste a whole load of time to go there, in the end it did take almost all day of running around in circles before I had any answers, and this happens here a lot).

In the end it didn’t matter because I was just able to shift my work around and I kept the rest of the day free in anticipation of that.

The notion tracker

I repurposed the notion habit tracker template I’d found with some google searching and I basically added the tasks that I need/want to be doing on to the tracker. The tracker is really smart because you can specify how many times you want to be doing that thing in a week and it marks it as achieved once enough boxes have been ticked.

I have started with my focus, which is actually waking up consistently and getting the basic home and physical care into a routine. I will move on to journaling/exercise etc. in the next few weeks, but I added it to the list already.

What next?

I think the next thing that I want to get in check is the start of my day and the end of my day.

At the end of the day I’m often super tired and I’ve already mentally checked out, so the last thing I normally do is to walk around and put stuff away that doesn’t need to be where it is now but that means that there could still be a couple of dishes in the sink (and I work in my living room/kitchen, so it’s kinda annoying).

I’m also not very good at preparing the tasks that I need to be tackling for the next day as far as work/business goes, before I close off for the day.

So when I then start the next day, I am slowed down by NOT having a list of things to get cracking with immediately and I often remember things I “mustn’t forget” when I wake up, so then I can’t enjoy my morning routine because I’m stressed about forgetting, and wonder what else I may have forgotten.. So that’s something I want to fix asap 

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