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So, you’ve been working on your course for some time, you have your method boiled down to the essentials, you know who you’re selling it to, but now you’re wondering should I offer a community with my course or not? Everyone seems to have a FB group with their course, maybe it’s what people expect…

To Community or Not to Community?

The only question you need to ask yourself is this:

Will offering a community alongside my course offer get my clients faster or better results?

We often do things in ways that we don’t really believe in, because it seems to be what everyone else is doing. But the fact is that a community takes work to engage and if there isn’t any pay off for your students then it’s a distraction for them AND a distraction for you, so you need to have strong reasons for offering it.

Let’s take an example.

You are offering a weight loss program that runs for 3 months and then afterwards people have lifetime access to your content.

Will the students get faster results if I offer a community? No. They will get results at the pace that they are implementing the program.

Will my students get BETTER results if I offer a community? Yes. They will be able to connect with others on the same journey, they can get themselves motivated by posting when they are feeling weak and sharing their wins which will in turn motivate others to keep going.

In this case, I would 100% offer some kind of community that people have access to.

If you’re offering a community with your course, please make sure that you adjust your course pricing (read my article on pricing your course here) so that you are NOT short-changing yourself. Running a community takes daily engagement and if there isn’t anyone keeping your community alive it’s going to reflect negatively on your program overall.

If you’re not sure how many spots you’re going to be selling in your program, keep the community off of the sales page for now and then implement it further down the line once you have enough potential people in your group to interact with each other.

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