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So, you put all of your heart and soul into your online course, but either it’s not selling how you’d expect it to sell OR the people that have joined up are just not getting the results you expected them to get. What to do now?

You are starting to doubt yourself and your course content wondering if you should even be doing this – but deep down you know that what you’ve created is THE answer to people’s challenges. So what is not working?

The BIGGEST Mistake Business Owners make when creating courses is…

… that they are simply giving TOO MUCH.

Yep. I know we are always taught to give way more than what people really need and that it’s always better to over-deliver – but there are times when this can actually hurt you – and with online courses that’s often the case.

So, as an example, let’s say you want to help others to start their business and grow it from 0 – six figures.

So you put EVERYTHING that you know into this ONE ginormous program. This is going to cause you 2 different issues:

  1.  You are targeting a whole range of entrepreneurs at different stages of business growth.
  2. There is an overwhelming amount of content for people to work through.

Targeting Issues

When you’re selling your new, ginormous online program, you are now targeting both newbies that don’t even have a business as well as those entrepreneurs that have already walked part of this path but are stuck.

As a result, you may run into a few difficulties:

  • Your marketing language is too broad and doesn’t attract the right people
  • Those that are new may struggle to make the investment
  • Those that are further along the path may feel as though they are wasting money getting access to content that is NOT targeted at them.

The result of the above is usually less sales.


The second thing that happens when people purchase a massive program is that they often enter overwhelm really easily.

What do people do when they get overwhelmed? Exactly… they do nothing and as a consequence of that they don’t get results, which then makes them view your program in a negative light, although it really is their lack of action causing a lack of results.

Over time they feel so overwhelmed they don’t even want to sign in to access their content, and then they feel guilty for spending so much money. And there come the requests for refunds “because I just don’t have time for this at the moment” – in reality they DO have time, and they will often purchase another program that may even be worse than yours, but is simply more concise and easier to implement = less overwhelm.

So, what can you do about this?

Assess your target groups carefully

Go back to the drawing board and assess who is going to get the most out of each part of your program. Find the number one biggest challenge that group faces.

Break your Course down into “Levels”

With the example above, the first course may get you to obtain your first paying clients.

The second one is going to help you to fill your schedule.

And the third one will help you to create other revenue sources to sustainably grow to six figures.

You can then adjust the marketing messages, pricing and bonus offers to a VERY specific group of people, which will result in more sales and LESS overwhelm.

Are you ready to finally launch your online course?

But you are so pushed for time that there is no way that'll happen any time soon?

Then we should talk. I can help you to find the right platform to host your courses, set up all of the niggly tech stuff for you and leave you to focus on creating the content and selling the thing.

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