Are you longing to make your Virtual Assistant business the biz of your dreams?

Perfect! I'd love to be by your side...
Do you wish your clients would treat you as a team member rather than an assistant?
Would you like to make enough money to live the freedom lifestyle you’ve been imagining?
Are you longing to stop trading your time for money?
But, right now this freedom lifestyle is far off from your reality…

I get it...

You started a business, you got the clients, you quit your job and you feel like you should be proud of what you’ve achieved so far – but somehow you’re not. You have become a slave to your laptop, a slave to your business instead of “the job”. This wasn’t what you had planned!

Everyday you’re simply going through the motions: Wake up, respond to client messages, complete client work, go to bed. You feel deflated and are starting to resent your own biz. You can’t even remember the last time you worked on your biz and not in your biz.
What you really want is a chance to travel to all of those locations on your vision board and a chance to work side-by-side with those amazing entrepreneurs you see across the internet. True Freedom.
And that’s why it’s time to stop playing small and get some help for your biz. Together we can analyse your current situation and start making changes that let you live life on your terms.

You see when I started my own business I was just as excited as you, but eventually I fell into the same trap. I worked every hour of every day, for little return and my clients were starting to drag me down. It wasn’t their fault. It was mine.

My business had developed and moved on and I realised that I needed to make a change, and fast, before I fell out of love with my own biz. And now I’m ready to give back and help you do the same. So let’s work together to get your business to work for you.

Here’s what you get when you work with me

A personalised and individual coaching program lasting either 3 or 6 months

  • A completely personal coaching package to develop you and your business – no cookie cutter approaches here
  • The coaching program is delivered entirely via video calls, so we can meet even if we’re nowhere near each other
  • Tailored advice and next steps to address your personal challenges at the end of every session
  • A private and confidential environment
  • A high level of accountability to ensure you are making progress

A Kickstart Workbook to complete before the first session

  • A very thorough workbook for you to complete prior to our first session
  • Allowing you to reflect on your “why”, your previous experiences and skills you have gained
  • How these skills can be transferred into your VA business
  • A way for you to become clear on your goals and ambitions

A initial “Kickstart” video coaching session lasting 90 minutes

  • We meet for our first 90-minute session via video call
  • You have the option to record the call, so you can look back at our goal setting session at any time (personal use only)
  • A chance for you to reflect on the “why” of building a business as well as your vision
  • A chance to define your business starting points and goals
  • Discussion of your first workbook
  • Identifying your unique skill set that’s already within you – and becoming clear on your ideal client
  • Completing a plan for the next 12 weeks to allow us to measure your achievements

3-MONTH PACKGE: 5 x 60-minute coaching sessions via video call, held every 2 weeks

6-MONTH PACKAGE: 11 x 60-minute coaching sessions via video call, held every 2 weeks

  • We start every session by reviewing your achievements since the last session
  • We discuss any challenges you have been facing and ways to move forward
  • We celebrate your successes and build on them
  • I hold you accountable and together we set new goals
  • We work on your mindset as necessary
  • Recorded for you to keep (for personal use only)

Worksheets to support you with the weekly actions (will arrive 24 hrs after the session, where needed)

  • Worksheets to guide you through your next steps and help you succeed where these are relevant and beneficial
  • Can be printed or filled online

A shared Trello Board – to store communications between sessions

  • Store all of your information, tasks and worksheets in one place
  • Communicate directly with me without emailing back and forth
  • Don’t lose any of your resources
  • Note questions before your next session
Email Support for Emergencies (response within 24hrs)
  • support when life throws a spanner in the works or something unexpected happens and you just need to get in touch

your investment

The overall investment for this coaching package is:

3-month package

£897.00 (GBP)

6-month package

£1497.00 (GBP)

I have very limited spots available for 1-1 coaching as my VA business needs just as much attention, so if you think you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business, please fill out the application to let me know you’re interested. We can then book a Discovery Call to get to know each other better – no hard selling here, just making sure we’re a good fit.

If you decide to book your spot I will invoice you and then be in touch with your pre-session questionnaire, the link to schedule your coaching sessions and access to your own private Trello Board so we can communicate easily. We’ll then get started with your 90-minute Kickstart strategy session.


How do I know if this is the right investment for my business?
I only accept those entrepreneurs into my 1-1 coaching that are 100% ready for it. I am one of the most honest and direct people you are going to meet and if I believe that we are not a good fit to work together, or I believe that coaching is not right for you at this point, I will say so. There is no benefit to me to start working together and then feel like it’s not working out a month down the line. It will cause both of us unnecessary stress. I understand that this is not a small investment to make but the intensive work we will complete together will pay off very quickly. Coaching is not like taking a course with little support, it’s high-impact, high-accountability and we’re constantly making sure you progress towards your goals
Maybe I should just take another course, maybe I just need to learn more…
Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is great. Knowledge is power. But knowledge without action hardly brings any results. You can invest as much money as you like into consuming other people’s (possible conflicting) content, but none of this is going to help if you’re not implementing any of it. The second issue with courses are that they are often modelled after a specific system – and we all know that using other people’s systems doesn’t work (what got them there, isn’t necessarily going to get you there!). Coaching on the other hand is all about YOU. We look at your target audience, your ideal client and how we can get you in front of them. It’s about your vision and goals and your journey to achieving them. A course will never deliver this personal value.
How do I know that you can help me?
Good Question! I am happy to tell you a lot more about my experiences, but to break it down quickly. I started my VA business in April 2016, after 3 months I needed my first team member and after 6 months I was able to quit my full-time job to run my business. Since then I have grown to a team of 5 and completely changed my ideal client and offering to allow me to be more free with my time. I have implemented all of the things I am ready to teach you and I would have done it even quicker, if I had a similar support in place to what I am offering. Prior to running my own business I saved a brick and mortar business (a daycare centre) from shutting down and built up another one from scratch, so I’m no newbie to starting and growing businesses and recruiting and training teams.
I’m not sure if I have time to attend the sessions AND implement the actions
As a business owner your time is precious and you need to begin creating times where you work ON your business and not in your business, otherwise you will remain stuck. We have all been gifted with the same 24 hours in a day, so you will need to make the time to help your business grow and progress. There is no other way.
I get it, right now your freedom lifestyle seems a long way off, but I promise you that by taking aligned actions every day, you can get there and I will help you to achieve this.

I will hold you accountable, I will call you out when I can see you’re losing your flow and making excuses. There is no hiding with me around.

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