Does your new VA biz need a kickstart..?

Perfect, I can help to deliver just that!

Do you dream of running your own successful Virtual Assistant Business sooner rather than later?

Do you imagine yourself working from your own home, no longer needing that dreadful day job?

Do you want to have your evenings and weekends back to actually see your partner and family?

But right now this just seems impossible.

I get it...

If you’ve started your own business, and despite working every night and every weekend, you’re just not seeing the results you want – I understand. I used to feel like this too.

I wasted hours on social media trying to make people aware of who I was and what I did. I screamed “hey, look at me” every time someone posted an opportunity in a Facebook Group. I did so alongside loads of other VAs apparently desperate for work. I completed hundreds of proposals on Upwork but competing with people charging a quarter of my rate, meant that I rarely succeeded. It was just so frustrating. I did everything I was told to do, yet nothing seemed to yield the results I was so desperate to see.

Really, you imagined your life to be completely different by now. Lovely clients just being magnetically attracted to you, working from different coffee shops across your city, while you’re supporting your clients in running their successful businesses. And I promise you, life can be like that – all you need is a plan that actually works.

And that’s what we’ll develop during the one-hour strategy session.

See, I felt very frustrated when I first started my own business. I invested so much time, blood, sweat and tears and not seeing results is just so upsetting. BUT I realised it all came down to the fact that I wasn’t focussing on the right things. I was doing STUFF and I was BUSY, but none of it had an actual purpose. And that’s why I decided to offer up some strategy sessions for those of you who are also in need of that focus.

Here’s what you get when you work with me

A pre-session questionnaire to help us narrow down exactly which aspect of your business you need help with

  • we go into the session knowing exactly what you want to discuss
  • you will get maximum value from the sessions
  • you have clear next steps that are related to solving your problem

A one hour strategy session held via video call to help you overcome your problem and work out your next steps

  • we can hold these regardless of where you or me are located
  • we get to discuss your challenges and make a specific plan for you
  • you will know how to solve those problems
  • learning from someone that has been through it
  • private and confidential
  • high level of impact

The recording of the session for your own personal use

  • Can look back on the recording when morale is low or when you feel like you have lost sight of the goals

Written Up Next Steps or a 90-day Plan for you

  • A clear record of where you are heading next
  • You can get started implementing and measuring your results immediately

your investment

You can book your strategy session immediately, there is no need to wait any longer. Just use the button below, pick a convenient day and time and arrange your payment. The investment for your 1-hour session is £80.00 (GBP).

I will be in touch with you after you’ve made the booking, to send you the pre-session questionnaire. Please take your time to fill this out in as much detail as possible. The more I know about you and your business BEFORE we get on the call, the less questions I have to ask you.


How do I know if a one-off session is right for me?

If you’re a self-starter and you are able to hold yourself accountable (or you already have a way of being held accountable) then a one-off session may be just enough for you.

This seems a big investment for a one-off session…

You’ll have to trust me when I say that it’s worth it. You don’t have to book your session, you can just continue to go on doing what you’re doing and not see results. Maybe in 6 months time you will realise yourself why that is and make the necessary changes – maybe you won’t. Maybe in the meantime you decide it’s all not worth the hassle and give up. Or you just book a session now, we’ll make a plan for you to focus on exclusively for the next 3 months and turn things round. You always have a choice.

How do I know you know what you’re talking about?

Good Question! Let me share a little bit about how I built my business and what helped me. I started my business in April 2016 from scratch. No contacts, no relationships, no experience, no website. Within 3 months I had so many clients that I had to begin building a team, within 6 months I’d resigned from my day job, because the business was bringing in enough money, to support myself. How did I make this happen so quickly? I had a plan and I had accountability, someone to make sure that the things I was doing were the RIGHT things and that I didn’t deviate from the plan. I made decisions quickly, I took action and I stopped wasting my time on stuff that didn’t make money. And I learnt a lot along the way. Before I worked as a VA I ran someone else’s business, a daycare setting, and took it from zero to hero over a period of 2 years, so trust me, building businesses is something I know and love.

Together we’ll create a plan so you can stop wasting your time on activities that don’t make money, and start focussing your energy on building a steady stream of paying clients.

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