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Every once in a while during a conversation with a client or even with a potential client the topic of actually launching their course comes up (makes sense since we’re building them and helping our clients launch the thing, right!).

And then as soon as we talk about getting this course out there, a few issues start cropping up. These are things I hear all the time:

I have been wanting to launch this for years but it just keeps going on the back burner.

I probably have a whole course already on my GDrive, but I just don’t know how to put it out there.

How can I justify taking the time away from my client work to work on this project, when it’s not even making any money yet.

I have started to record videos and write lessons, but I feel like I will never finish this.

The answer to many of these problems is simple: Pre-Launch your online course and get paid to create it!

And as soon as I mention (and often explain) the idea of a pre-launch – there is one piece of resistance that keeps coming up as good as every single time:

I don’t want the pressure of selling something before it’s ready – I’m scared I can’t keep up with delivering the thing.

So, today I want to change your mindset on pre-launching and explain how even YOU can pull it off.

What do I mean by “Pre-Launch”

When I talk about pre-launching your course (or doing a Beta Launch) I mean selling your course BEFORE it’s actually ready.


No it doesn’t mean that you’re about to tell people that you have this finished product that you want them to buy that doesn’t actually exist yet. And this is where the mindset shift needs to come in, so read on if you have doubts, because this is for you.

Why is it an idea I should consider?

Ok, so first off, I want to explain the idea behind WHY you’re doing a pre-launch or a beta launch.

The idea is that you find a group of your most dedicated followers, you offer them the chance to co-create your next thing with you. In exchange for them co-creating this thing with you, they pay less. They win, because they get lifetime access to your new thing for less money that they’d have to pay if they waited for the finished thing to be ready and they get to actually SPEAK to their idol (that’s you BTW!). AND it’s a win for you because you get PAID to create, you get INSTANT feedback on your course content and can make your course even more awesome than it would have been AND guess what? Your course will actually end up getting done because people are waiting for it!

So, how does it work?

I’ll take you through the stages of pre-launching your course, so if you’re in the middle of recording and uploading stuff, just stop for a moment and read this.

Step 1

The first step is for you to get super clear on the details of your course. Who is it for? What are their problems and pain points right now? How are they going to overcome those and what can you provide to help them. The bigger the pain point is the more likely your course is to sell successfully. How is the best way for you to deliver the content? Video? Audio? Workbooks, yes or no?

Step 2

Write the sales page and design the offer. List out everything that you’re going to work on, list out your modules and list out HOW you’re going to deliver the thing (eg. live calls, 1:1, group work, course modules etc.). List out what is expected of your Beta participants (eg. attending live sessions, feedback etc.).

Step 3

Launch it your biggest followers only, no big shoutout, this is an intimate opportunity to work with you on the creative process.

Step 4

Get paid and THEN start creating. You can either record your videos in advance and then drip out the content over a period of time. OR you can do the training as a live session where people can ask questions at the end AND give feedback at the same time and then upload the recordings into your course. The advantage of doing option 2 is that you’re getting instant feedback and that can help you to make any changes to the modules/structure BEFORE doing your big launch.

So, with all of that said, pre-launching needs a little mindset shift,  but once you get it, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to create something really powerful. So, go and get it out there already!

If you need help on the tech front, because that’s been holding you back, feel free to schedule a call with me so we can help to sort you out and get your course launched at last. You can book a call here.

Are you ready to finally launch your online course?

But you are so pushed for time that there is no way that'll happen any time soon?

Then we should talk. I can help you to find the right platform to host your courses, set up all of the niggly tech stuff for you and leave you to focus on creating the content and selling the thing.

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