General and Techy VA Services

If you’re not quite ready for the arrival of a right-hand woman in your business, then we can support you with our general VA packages. These are perfect for the entrepreneur that’s just getting started with outsourcing/growing their business.

[The minimum booking is 10 hours per month and the minimum contract term is 3 months.]

Read on to find out more about what we can help you with.

Currently we have 1 spot available for 10 hours per month. If you are interested please enquire as soon as possible.


How are we going to help you?

We all know outsourcing can seem scary at first, but once you start experiencing the benefits, it’s all worth it. Our clients have experienced huge leaps and results in their businesses, because they are now left free to focus on the things that really matter in their business. Just imagine being able to:

  • focus on creating content for your members instead of arguing with the technology of your membership site
  • running free challenges to grow your email list rather than trying to wrestle LeadPages under control
  • writing that book you have been meaning to write for years, because you are no longer spending hours every day organising your business

How does that sound? Too good to be true? Trust me, it’s not. That’s where we come in.

How do we work?

We focus on working with a smaller number of clients for more hours, rather than trying to support everyone. We aim to get to know every client’s business as if it’s our own. Unlike other VA business, we don’t allocate a specific VA to each client, but we work as a small team where each person has their own area of expertise. This allows us to ensure that all tasks are completed to the highest standard possible. If we need a graphic designer, a developer or a social media strategist, we aim to provide.


What we can help you with?

We support our clients with a variety of tasks according to their business needs:

  • Customer Service and Tech Support for your membership site
  • Maintaining your email marketing system
  • Updating your website
  • Creating sales and landing pages
  • Supporting you during free challenges
  • Creating and editing documents for you (eg. course handouts)
  • Maintaining your online course
  • Working with your other team members
  • Supporting you in automating your business
  • Maintaining your CRM

… and lots more.


What is not included in the General VA Packages?

While we aim to keep our mind open to how we can support you in running your business, there are certain things we are not able to provide on the hourly packages.

  • Monitoring of your project management tool (all tasks are sent to us via email)
  • Managing Emails from your Domain Inbox
  • Membership Site and Online Course Building and Creation
  • Community Management (eg. on Facebook) and other Customer-facing tasks
  • Project Management and Launch Management
  • Creative Design and Copywriting Services
  • Complex WordPress maintenance (eg. amendments to your custom theme)
  • Strategy and Business Planning – I offer separate packages for that

These tasks either require specialist knowledge, a large time commitment from our side or for us to be consistently connected to your accounts (eg. your Facebook Group or Email) therefore, please check out our VIP Packages if you need higher level support.


Are you ready?

While we support clients at all stages of their business growth, we are looking for certain signs that the client is “ready” to outsource. So if you can agree with most of the statements below, then send in your questionnaire, so we can arrange a chat.

  •  You had an “epiphany moment” and realised that although you could learn how to manage your own ConvertKit account – you shouldn’t as it’s not your zone of genius
  • You have clear plans on what you will be doing with your newly freed up time and how that is going to take your business to the next level
  • Your are ambitious and you have a plan for growing your business in the next 3-6 months

Sound like you? Then get in touch now.

You’d like to know all the details?

Alright then, I didn’t want to bore you, in case you wanted to just get on with booking a call, but if you’d like to know more beforehand no problem. I’m glad you asked.


Once I have received your questionnaire I will invite you to book a call with me. I like to chat to all prospective clients before booking to make sure we’re a good fit. Then, if you’d like to go ahead, I will send you the paperwork. Every client receives a quote, a contract and an invoice. Once all is sorted out we will arrange an onboarding call which takes between 30 and 45 minutes. These are usually held either with me or my project manager. On this call we will clarify a lot of the details and get to know your business even better.

Sending Tasks

You will then be ready to send over your first tasks to us. We usually receive them via email and will acknowledge them within 24 hours. We will also give you an estimate on when this will be completed and obtain any additional information from you. Then you get to rest and focus on other things while we work on your jobs, once we’re done, we’ll be in touch.

What happens behind the scenes?

I know we all love a sneak peek, so once your task is received my project manager will check all the details and enquire for any missing information with you. Then she adds it into our project management tool and checks how busy we currently are and what we are working on already. She then gives you a completion estimate and allocates it to the best team member – or maybe even 2! She then checks in on the progress every day and makes sure things are progressing.

Fixed Appointments

If there are times where you have work that needs to be completed at a fixed time (eg. you need support on a webinar) then please let us know as far in advance as possible as we will need to check availability across the team.

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