I had a coach by my side in my business from Day One of operating my business – actually even from Day -31 or so. It’s NOT always been the same person because my business has changed and developed over time and each coach specialises in a different area.

There are lots of Business Coaches out there

Now, a disclaimer before I go into detail on this. There are a million and one different coaches out there and they all have different experiences and skills and it’s up to you to search for the person that’s perfect for you. I believe the right person is out there for everyone and it may take time to find them. You may be looking for a more traditional coach or you may be looking more for an expert that will actually advise you as much as helping you to work things out.

So here are the top 5 ways in which a business coach can help your business.

1. Clarity and Focus

Running a business is hard work and even if you’re doing it right, there is a certain amount of “going with the flow” involved. You could cry all day when things are not going your way – or you could just get your arse in gear and get on with it. When you’re struggling along on your own, the haziness of your emotions can easily clog up your vision. A good business coach will help you to get rid of the blur and let you see clearly again. It’s a relief to have someone to discuss your options with.

When I first started working with my coach, I had a totally useless business idea. My heart was totally in it (and I’m still 100% passionate about Early Education), but a business has to make money, right? So, after some back and forth, I decided to pack it in. Did my coach tell me to pack it in? No, she politely said if this doesn’t work, we may need to restructure. Did I feel like a failure? Nope, not at all. Did I waste money and time? Yes definitely. BUT I had a great support network and this got me to where I am today.

2. Honesty

Coming back to my failed business idea mentioned above, sometimes the people that are actively involved in your life are too polite to tell you the truth. You pay your coach to help you get results, so they have a reason to be honest with you. Your mum or your other half may just end up being polite so as to not hurt your feelings.

So, when you’re discussing your business challenges with someone that’s paid to do a job, they’re going to give you some honest feedback on where you’re at. Or they’re going to help you to work out honest feedback for yourself.

3. Support

Our businesses end up consuming a lot of our time and energy, and frankly there are times where family members and friends don’t want to hear about it anymore. Or they simply don’t understand you anyways. That’s why it’s so important to build up a support network of like minded people that truly understand your struggles – and your business coach forms part of that network.

4. Knowledge and Connections

I said above that it’s essential to find a coach that is experienced in what you’re providing. It doesn’t make sense for you to hire a coach that is experienced in running product-based business and you’re trying to build a service-based business or vice versa. Or hiring a coach that knows all about global brands but you’re offering a local service. While some of the tips and tricks you can gain and the questions you’re being asked still apply, I don’t believe you’re getting as much bang for your buck as you could. Your coach can also help to put you in touch with other people you could be working with in the next stage.

5. Believe

No one should accept you as a client if he doesn’t believe in the fact that you have what it takes to make your business a success. So to know that there is someone out there that believes you can do it, goes a long way. I recently had a conversation with my coach and we discussed the next steps for my business and she simply said that she thinks that I can do it, if I put my mind to it 100%. And she’s right.

I know that hiring a coach for 1:1 work is a huge investment and I haven’t gone there. Check out the ones that offer group programs, something ongoing that creates a network around you. You get the benefit of checking in with your coach as well as interacting with the other members for accountability. I would love to hear if you have a coach and what you love most about working with them. If you’re looking for someone to work with, check out Nadia Finer.

Are you nowhere near fully booked, but you just don't have any time?

No, that doesn't mean that you need to hire an assistant right away, what it probably means is that your tools and systems need a little TLC. If you're currently keeping all of your business tasks in your head, don't have any documented processes and can't automate because your tools just won't work together, then we should talk.

Together we can save you hours of precious time every week by streamlining and documenting your processes, reviewing your business tools to make sure they work FOR you and then implementing all of those changes.

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