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I am Jessica Dornieden

Business Consultant | Tech and Operations Lead | Notion Builder

🇩🇪 Originally from Frankfurt, Germany 📍 Current Location: Tirana, Albania 🕑 Timezone: Central European Time (CET/CEST)


You are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or service provider and you struggle to keep all of the moving pieces within your business in your eye sight. As your team has grown so have your responsibilities and while you have hired very talented people, it seems that the outcome of the work is less than stellar - and you just can’t seem to put your finger on the why.

I help you and your team to

✅ have one centralised place where all information about the business can be found, so that you can stop wasting hours every day looking ‘for that spreadsheet we started on the last meeting’ which now seems to have gone missing in Google Drive.

✅ cut down on unnecessary time spent in ‘Daily Huddles’ and ‘Meetings’ that have no fixed agenda and only take places because everyone is sinking into chaos.

✅ save money on software subscriptions where you’re only using 10% of the features because you never got round to setting it up properly.

✅ centralise your tasks and standard operating procedures so you finally know that the work is getting done in the way it’s supposed to get done.

✅ avoid losing opportunities because your systems are clunky and no one is willing to wait for you for a week so you can find your headshot and bio.

Does this work for you?

THE most important thing for me in my work is knowing that what I am doing is working for YOU. This isn’t about me, it’s about you and your team being able to work together without any hiccups.

I have taught myself all of the things I know today over the last 6 years.

Every time I ran into an issue in my client’s business or my own, I figured out a way around it.

This type of problem-solving is something I have ALWAYS loved to do.

When I was little I used to sit in front of our first computer and play around with MS Access, setting up databases and understanding how they link together.

Then I’d pretend that I run the local doctors’ office, taking calls from patients and entering their information into the system.

Call me a #geek if you like.

But at school, I couldn’t figure out how to get through for the life of me. I’d always lose track of what people are saying. I’d lose my homework booklet every other day, forget something at home that the teacher said I MUST remember for that day’s lesson etc.

As I grew older, I realised that I couldn’t carry on like this.

So I did a 180 and I became super freaking organised instead.

I never understood pointless rules and papers...

In school the question I asked most when presented with any kind of work was “why should I do that?” and if there wasn’t a good reason, well I just wouldn’t do it.

In my first few jobs in daycare I found nothing more frustrating than the endless piles of paperwork we had to fill out - 99% of it completely pointless (and mostly faked by the teachers so they wouldn’t get in trouble).

My neurodivergent brain just could not deal with it.

Eventually I gave up trying to fit into the mould and I started my own business.

And then it turned out that I wasn’t organised at all.

All of my work was splattered across 10 different tools, I’d have 5 different email addresses all with different inboxes, every client had a different PM tool that I had to keep an eye on. I am in about 15 slack accounts. I would only complete half of my tasks.

And I was sinking into total chaos and I just didn’t notice.

Eventually I realised why I kept making all these mistakes, why I was always forgetting to reply to emails and why I’d constantly miss appointments.

I learnt that my brain doesn’t seem to work like everyone else’s brain. I learnt that ‘eat the frog’ takes me until 5pm to start. I found that ‘Pomodoro’ breaks my flow and means I will never finish the thing that I started. I learnt that 90% of productivity advice out there isn’t going to work for me.

And then I discovered Notion.

Piecing it all together

I suddenly had a tool that allowed me to combine all of my data and document storage, forms, databases that were spread across multiple tools, my tasks and projects and so much more.

Notion has allowed me to:

  • combine about 10 different tools into one that is organised in a way that allows me to quickly view the information I need to see at a glance.
  • Create ONE space where I need to check in daily and if everything in that space is sorted I can take time off in peace without worrying I missed something.
  • Stop me from having to flick in between 5 different apps while working - something that makes me incredibly inefficient.
  • Show my team only the information that THEY need to see instead of a whole list of other irrelevant tasks making them feel completely overwhelmed.
  • Give my clients ONE link as their client portal where they can view up to date information on our work at all times.
  • Cut down the number of times each piece of information has to get touched to get into the correct place - all through simple automations and tool switches.

You want more geeky details about me?


Human Design

5/2 Self-projected Projector



High D, High I

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On a personal level

I absolutely LOVE working - probably a little bit too much. But when I am not working then you will probably find me...


📙 ... Reading my favourite non-fiction books

🥤 ... Meeting with friends for drinks and dinner

🚌 ... Heading off on road trips around the balkans

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