You built your business so you could be free…

but you still haven’t got time to enjoy that freedom.

You built your business so you could be free…

but you still haven’t got time to enjoy that freedom.

You know that famous saying: Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week”?

Well, we all know that feeling, but what if even working 80 hours a week is NOT enough anymore?

What if you haven’t taken a holiday in 2 years?

What if you’re close to burning out?

Let’s be honest, you can’t continue on like that. Something has to change sooner rather than later. It’s time to reclaim some of your time, work smarter not harder – and serve more people at the same time.

Together we can turn this situation around in no time.

I can help you to understand the changes that you need to make in your business to get to the next stage of growth. Together we develop a solid strategy for you to grow your business AND if you are pushed for time or need more expertise then me and my team can even implement that plan for you.

I have a background in Early Childhood Education but discovered my love for all things business when I became a senior manager in a new childcare setting and had to put processes and systems in place, train new team members and market the setting.

Once everything was set up and running smoothly, my job felt done.

I moved on to another setting that had been open for nearly a year but was struggling with low occupancy, legal and compliance issues, bad reputation in the local area, lack of leadership, lack of team morale and a huge financial loss, just to name a few. I created systems, processes and standards, recruited new team members and trained them, worked with the local authority and governing body to resolve the compliance issues and then my focus shifted to marketing.

With a combination of local events, open days, Facebook Advertising campaigns we attracted new clients to the business AND finally managed to retain them.

We then discussed having a family and my job as a daycare manager wasn’t really the easiest to combine with having a baby, so I looked for alternatives. I found the online business world and never looked back.

In April 2016 I set up shop as a techy VA, I hired my first team member in July and then quit my job in October 2016.

I found out I was pregnant in my last week in the job. 😨

Since our little boy was born the business grew into a digital marketing agency and my role shifted from support to strategy, combining my experience from running medium-sized local businesses AND owning my own online business with a contractor team of 10.

✔️ My business is generating multiple five-figures in revenue BUT I feel like I’m stuck.
✔️ I’m working all the hours and I feel like I’m getting burnt out.
✔️ I want to focus my time on serving my people NOT on all the others things I have to do.
✔️ I waste a lot of time on getting just basic things done in my business (eg. onboarding clients)
✔️ I have written a book and developed my signature system, now what?
✔️ I am booked out with coaching clients and I need to establish how I can grow next.
✔️ I am booked out with done-for-you clients BUT I want to focus my efforts on other things now.
✔️ I am expecting a baby and I really urgently need to baby-proof my business.

⭐ Assessed their business model and offers to ensure that their ideal clients can be served in a multitude of ways and buy from the client again and again.
⭐ Create webinars that allow our clients to stop launching and sell their programs all the time.
⭐ Assess our client’s entire business, establish the key systems needed, document them and then implement the setup and maintenance of all tools needed to make the systems work smoothly.
⭐ Support out client’s in establishing which team members are going to be crucial to support their growth and help them through the interview process.
⭐ Train our client’s teams in business systems and tools.
⭐ Project-manage their launches.
⭐ Design websites, setup podcasts, build sales funnels, maintain email marketing systems, write copy and everything else you can probably think of.

Whether you’re looking for an entire team (from VA to Designer) that can support you in your business – OR whether you just need to work with someone on your business AND marketing strategy – we would love to help.

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