First of all I have to apologise for falling behind with the content I had planned for last week, but preparing for my brand photoshoot took a lot more time and effort in between the client work than I thought it would.

Today I’d like to share some behind the scenes pictures and comments, as well as my timeline for preparing for the shoot.

Behind the Scenes of My Brand Pin

I decided a few weeks back that I really wanted to get some pictures taken for my new website. I worked with Stephanie from Brand Smoothie to clarify my branding and the next natural step was to incorporate my new brand inside my photoshoot. Here are the details on the process I went through.


The first thing I did was to identify photos and websites that I liked. I established the types of pictures I would need and what I wanted to use them for. I established that I need some wide banner images that I can overlay with text for my site, as well as some head shots and images of my work space. I really want to give my prospective clients a view into my world – and to show who I am.

Jessica Dornieden Brand

Finding a Branding Photographer

I then went on the hunt for a brand photographer, ideally someone based in London, UK. Surprisingly, I didn’t find all that many photographers that portrayed the style I was looking for, so I decided to get in touch with Becky Rui, personal branding photographer. We had a lovely chat on the phone and I could feel that she has done many of these types of shoots and she really understood my need for the right feelings to be portrayed. We scheduled a date about 2 months ago as we had some conflicts in our diaries.

Clothes, Accessories and Stationery

As my brand colours have only just been identified, I went on the hunt to find some stationery and other bits around my house that would reflect my new brand colours. I found quite a lot of things, but decided to place an order for a few more things – just in case.

Jessica Dornieden Stationery

I have also recently lost quite a lot of weight which meant that most of my clothes didn’t fit anymore. I guess that’s a good problem to have! I went shopping and found a few new items that would go with my brand and my style. I didn’t feel like just purchasing items for the sake of the photoshoot. It had to be stuff that fits in with my style and my idea of the capsule wardrobe I have been building up.Jess Brand Outfit


Preparing the House

We had already decided on the first call that the initial part of the photoshoot would take place at my house and we would then venture out to get some shots outside. I spent the 7 days before the shoot preparing the house. The Saturday and Sunday before we spent cleaning the house, tidying things up and dusting. I started to rearrange the office, so there is enough space for Becky to take pictures of me working. I also hid some of the more horrible office stuff like folders. On Monday, I ended up placing the final order for things that were simply missing. I sorted out my hair on Tuesday and spent Wednesday night adding accessories in to the room. On Thursday night I picked up the final outfit options from everything I’d bought and did another clean, ready for the shoot on Friday.

The Day of the Photoshoot

I was woken up early on Friday morning by a thunderstorm, which is very unusual for London. I got out of bed around 6 AM and made coffee. I love to drink my coffee outside in the mornings (whatever the weather) as it just wakes me up. I then made a plan on how and when I was going to tackle the things that were still left to do.

I first of all prepared all the chosen outfits by laying them out on the bed. Then I showered and put some comfy clothes on while I’m finishing everything up. I dried my hair ready to be straightened later and then moved on to decorating the house, fluffing the cushions, giving the guinea pigs a quick change. Then I sorted out make-up and hair. I like to keep things simple. I’m not a fan of much make up or hair dos. I just managed to finish everything before Becky arrived just after 10 AM. We spent the morning snapping away in my office. Then, when there was finally a break in the rain, headed out to one of my favourite places, Walthamstow Village, where I used to live. We were out until about 3 PM before returning home for the final bits.

Jess Brand Photoshoot

Overall it wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be, although my cheeks did hurt from all the smiling!

Here are my 3 key things I would do differently the next time round:

  1. Prepare the house sooner and not leave so many things to do in the mornings.
  2. Get a cleaner to help me with all the details (skirting, plug sockets, dusting) as that took a long time – time I don’t really have.
  3. Make sure you wear all the new clothes for a bit BEFORE the shoot. That way, you’ll work out if you’re comfortable in them.

Well, that was my experience summed up. I’m now excited to see the new pictures and pop them on my site once they’re ready! For more behind the scenes pics, follow me on Instagram.

I can’t wait!

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