Why I am making the switch to specialise in Notion
Why I am making the switch to specialise in Notion

Why I am making the switch to specialise in Notion

Why I am making the switch to specialise in Notion

If you have known me for any length of time, then you know that I started out my journey into the Online World in 2016 as a ‘techy VA’.

I still remember taking on the first few clients, having sales calls on my lunch break, working every single night to try and get all of my client tasks gone and eventually just a few months later being full-time in my own business.

And I literally haven’t looked back since.


In the last 6 years I’ve spent my time working as a ‘generalist’ doing anything and everything related to tech that needed to get done. Sure, I had my favourite platforms to use, but if a client needed squarespace support, then I’d offer it, and that worked well for a long time.

Slowly I wanted to take on more responsibility and I ended up growing into more responsible positions and I stopped working with so many clients and picked a select few to go ‘all in’ with.

And that’s when I started seeing the real cracks in people’s businesses.

I also learnt something important about me in this time...

I learnt that I most likely have ADHD and that explains ALL of the things that I have been struggling with all my life. Things that were making my work difficult for me. My short-term memory is non existent, I’m time-blind a.f. and I really rely on organised structures within which I complete my work.

And I tried as hard as I can to fit into the half-baked structure my clients provided, but I regularly failed in between the 20 slack messages giving me new tasks instead of the project management system that was designed to hold tasks.

Nevermind the endless meetings interrupting my flow, where nothing gets really discussed.



I then stumbled upon Notion.

I went looking for a system and a tool to organise myself and eventually after looking long and hard I stumbled upon Notion.

I immediately realised the power of this for me to build a system that works for ME and my team as well as storing data that I would need access to time and time again, but I can never find.

I then learn about building a second brain through coincidence and the rest is history.

Notion has helped me to have that ONE source of truth where I find everything that I need to organise my life and business. I’m able to retrieve information with ease because they are tagged well and linked to the correct areas and overall it’s just a breeze.

Back to work now.

This year I have noticed particularly how easy it is for remote teams to sink into chaos when information starts getting scattered all over the show.

The work requires constant switching between tools and losing focus, looking for files in Google Drive for 20 mins because I can’t remember the name of it and didn’t bookmark it, daily huddles so the owner knows what the heck are we even doing, meetings where no action is taken because no clear tasks were outlined, me having to constantly ask people for information in slack because I have no way of looking that up, spending 1 hr a day answering questions from team members that I shouldn’t need to repeat the answer for etc.

It’s not like this team doesn’t have processes.

It’s not like we don’t document the numbers.

It’s not like we don’t try and use Trello for projects.

But NOTHING ties all of these singular pieces of information together and there is no ONE PLACE where we go to find out what we need to be doing right now.

And that’s what I realised is missing.

So I am now on a mission to stop businesses and teams from sinking into chaos by helping business owners to build their one source of truth, give their team a custom functional workspace and train them in the use of Notion.

I’m not going to stop there though.

Another passion that I have had all my life that’s closely linked to this, is to do work that aligns with things I’m good at, and that’s not something I have been able to build on these last few years for the sake of being stuck in largely implementational roles.

And I see it quite often that businesses have amazing people work for them, but they are literally in the wrong job and their skills are going largely unused.

I would love to continue to develop myself in the direction of team consultancies maybe with something like the Gallup Strengths Finder to help businesses really work with people that will be happy and successful in the work that they do.

So, how can I help you going forward?

If you’re an established business owner and some of those team issues I’ve mentioned across this site are stopping you from getting anything done, then contact me about the Notion Business Hub VIP Day.
If splashing out on a custom hub isn’t in your budget right now, then you can get my Notion Templates on this site very shortly.
If you’ve found me through the podcast and you are looking for a business mentor, then I can support you through my Day of Voxer.
If you need high level tech and operations support on a part-time basis, then I can step in as your part-time COO - availability is extremely limited and I only work with 1-2 clients at a time in this capacity.
If you are looking for tech support, then you will still be able to book 1 or 2 tech VIP days per month. I will link up the page here once I have it ready.

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