If you’re reading this then I assume you can relate to at least one of these…

  • you have been running your business for some time but your income has plateaued and you just can’t seem to break through
  • you’re booked out with 1:1 coaching clients/projects and you’re looking for ways to scale your business further
  • You need to start developing a team and want some help along the way
  • You are making money alright but secretly the backend of your business is a mess (psst.. I won’t tell anyone, pinky promise!)
  • You already have a team for support and a coach for encouragement and vision BUT what is missing is the strategic piece

I design my 1:1 programs with great care to reflect your specific needs and your business, this isn’t some kind of off the shelf product, but work that we co-create together.

I just want to start off by saying, you are one of my favorite humans and I feel really grateful that I found you. I think you are brilliant and amazing. I love working with you!


Valerie Gangas

Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Valerie Gangas

Imagine what your business (and life) would look like if you finally got this sorted once and for all…


✔️ Your schedule is filled with bookings from your IDEAL clients who can’t wait to work with you.

✔️ You never have to accept another client because ‘you need the money’ [we all know what happens when we do that]

✔️ You don’t have to work all the hours, you can actually spend some quality time with your partner (or the kids!) and maybe even go on a holiday where you unplug completely.

✔️ You have time for self-care even though you are booked solid.


Does this all sound like it’s completely unachievable right now? Well, let  me tell you it’s not. I’ve been there and I got out of it – and so have my clients.

I can help you, because I know what all of this feels like…


When I first started my business I was in search of this elusive freedom, but I got busy really quickly and suddenly I was working all the hours and not actually getting paid any more than I did in my job!

I knew I was amazing at what I did, BUT I was also undervaluing myself BIG TIME.

I started to doubt that running a business is as lucrative as the ‘gurus’ made it out to be.

But then I realised that just because something was difficult it didn’t mean that I can’t find a way to do things differently. And I can help you to make the changes YOU need to make, so you can get out of feeling stuck too.

I decided to grow a team and release myself from the business and step into CEO mode – and it was the best decision ever.

BUT that’s not the right decision for everyone which is why it is SO important that you work with someone that can help you to see the path in front of you more clearly and decide whether you’re turning left or right when it forks.

What does the business strategy package include?


Because no two businesses are the same, not two business strategy packages are the same – and that’s why my approach changes with each business owner I work with. We start off our journey together with a 2 hour deep dive into your business. I need to understand your current situation from finances through to daily organisation.

We will then meet weekly for an hour long video call for at least 12 weeks. You can realistically make big changes in your business in 3 months. We can then continue to work together for another 3 months if you have more work to do, or want to be sure that the changes have really taken on in your business.


You will also get:

  • Access to a shared Trello Board so you can keep track of your progress and your focus for the next week.
  • Acceess to me via Voxer (a walkie-talkie app) so you can ask me any urgent burning questions in between the sessions.
  • Access to any resources or paid programs I may be offering at that time.

How is this going to help my business?


After 3 months you will be well on your way to finally building the business that YOU really wanted to have…

✔️ You have a thorough understanding of your business offers and how your ideal client benefits from them.

✔️ You know what your ideal clients REALLY need (not just what they say they need) and how to give it to them.

✔️ You have perfected your lead generation system and find new clients with ease.

✔️ You have moved away from being burnt out and have a clear plan to leveraging your time better in your business (whether it’s through a team or through leveraged revenue streams).

✔️ You know where you need to spend your time to continue to grow your business sustainably.

What’s the investment?


The overall investment for the 12 week period is $4500. If you need a payment plan I’m flexible.

I understand that it’s not easy to make that kind of investment in your business (and in yourself!). I want you to be confident in what I can help you to achieve, so if you’re not sure if this investment is right for your business, hop on a call with me. I will never sell you something you don’t need, I will never take your credit card details over the phone to make sure you’re “locked in” – I don’t do pushy. I want you to feel 100% certain that we are meant to be working together.

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