Resources for your online business

Whether you're just starting out or have been going for a while, check out my resources below to see the tools I used to take my biz to the next level.

Resources for the New and Growing Online Business Owner

When you first start out running your online business there are evidently a few tools you are going to need. When I first started out I looked at the tools everyone else was using and started comparing them to make sure that they meet my needs and work in my business. Over time these have changed and evolved, but I would still recommend them when you first start out.

Before exploring these resources in more detail, please be aware of the following: Some of the links provided below are affiliate links. That means that if you choose to purchase the product through my link, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you – and sometimes you may actually receive additional benefits such as discounts and exclusive trials through using my affiliate link. Please understand that I have used all of the products and services that I recommend below. I share them with you, because I feel that they are helpful in growing your business, not because I receive a small commission. Please do not purchase a product unless you think it will help you to grow your business.

Website Tools

Siteground Hosting

I have used Siteground hosting for the past year and their support is second to none. If you’re looking for a reliable hosting provider, you will not regret choosing Siteground.

WordPress cms

WordPress is a content management system that holds all of the content on your website. It’s user friendly and a solid option for now and when you’re growing later on.

Elegant Themes

Siteground hosts your website, WordPress stores the content inside your site and a theme such as Divi from ElegantThemes makes your site beautiful and functional. A must have for me (I use Divi myself).

Sales Funnels and Webinars


If you’re looking for simple and affordable webinar software, Demio is the way to go. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to set up your webinar and connect it to your Email Service Provider. It plays wonderfully with ConvertKit and is super simple to operate when you’re live on air – who wants to spend the entire webinar working out how to operate the live room?


Building and Delivering an online course isn’t everything, you also need to sell it. ClickFunnels allows you to build your funnels and add upsells and order bumps effortlessly.



Automating your emails frees up necessary time and energy when it’s time to grow your business. Growing an email list is key and with ConvertKit it’s easy peasy.


If you’re planning a set of complex funnels with multiple triggers, check out Get Drip. While it’s not straightforward to set up, it’s an extremely powerful tool.


Similar to drip, Autopilot has the ability to handle complex email funnels, but what’s different is that it comes with a little pop-up on your site that tries to engage your visitors to then follow up with them later on. Very nifty!



17hats is the system I use to manage all my client info, invoices and contracts. It makes bookeeping a breeze (it’s almost fun!).


BoardBooster is the tool I use to manage my Pinterest Account. I love the simplicity of it as it uses secret boards to schedule from regularly. So if you’re looking for a way to automate your pins, check out BoardBooster.


I use CoSchedule to plan pretty much all of my content. I use it to write and schedule my blog posts and then create social campaigns to make my content go further. I also use it to schedule my regular posts in to my Facebook Group. A tool I can’t work without anymore!


Acuity lets my clients (and potential clients!) schedule appointments with ease. It handles all the time zone conversions with ease and makes sure everyone knows when you’re meeting. A must have!

Post planner

Struggling with social media engagement? Use Post Planner to FIND, PLAN, & POST better content to boost your reach & social media engagement today.


Evernote is my mobile brain and I would be totally lost without it. Create notebooks and notes that are automatically synced across all of your devices, so you are never without them. Attach images, files and checklists and even add HANDWRITTEN notes out of your notebooks that can then be SEARCHED by Evernote. Huge. Get it now.

Momentum Planner

Planning is essential for your business. There is no point to plan a year ahead as our businesses evolve so much in the meantime, so I operate in 90 day blocks. However I struggled for ages to find a planner that works with that AND holds you accountable to your goals – until now. Check out the Momentum Planner here.


When you run a Facebook Group, you get to ask new members 3 questions before they join… the only thing is these questions don’t get saved anywhere and you have to manually copy and paste the answers somewhere and the email addresses into your autoresponder.. or do you? Introducing GroupFunnels! Stop paying your VA for stuff that could be automated. GroupFunnels will automatically save your questions and send users into your autoresponder.



Nadia is a business coach, and helps solopernures like you to go big even if you are stuck feeling little. So if you need help to get to your first 5k, check out the Profit Pack.


Laura’s copywriting club helps entrepreneurs to develop the skills they need to communicate their message and attract clients with ease.


Marie-Helene is a marketing professional with 20 years experience. She has run her own content marketing agency since 2013 and knows how to get results on social media. With her course she will make sure that every action you take on social media will bring you the results you desire.



MemberPress is my go to plugin for building membership sites on your own platform. Most of my clients use it and we’ve had great experiences with it. It’s (reasonably) easy to set up and customise and it works a charm. It also offers dripped content as a native feature and it comes with Affiliate Royale to set up Affiliates for your courses/membership.


If you’re new to creating online courses or you just prefer a hosted option, check out teachable. I use teachable to deliver all of my courses and it has all the features you’re ever going to need – and probably more.

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