It seems that whenever someone is struggling in their business the general advice given to them is to just “hire a VA”. However having worked as a VA for some time before developing my business into a Digital Marketing agency and Consultancy, I now know that hiring a VA is NOT always the right choice.


What a Virtual Assistant is NOT

The term Virtual Assistant is used loosely and often for want of a better word. So I’d like to, first of all, become clear on what a Virtual Assistant is NOT. First and foremost they are (usually) not your employees, they work on a freelance basis or in their own businesses. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. They are also not business coaches and strategists that can take the strategic part of the business away from you (unless they advertise this as a service). They are also not on standby 24 hours a day (unless they advertise it).

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you

So, now that we’ve identified some of the things a VA is not, let’s see what a Virtual Assistant can do for you. As mentioned above, a Virtual Assistant works with you on a freelance basis or as their own company. This saves you a heck of a lot of money as you do not have to pay employment benefits or even have an office space for them. It also means that they usually allocate their own time and manage their commitments according to their workload. I usually describe the business owner as the head and the VA as the hands. You have the plan, they execute.

Specific Expertise

There are many different VAs out there with a huge array of skills. Many of them have expertise from their “previous life” in another role, so they often end up specialising in certain aspects of running a business. This could be copywriting, administration, travel bookings, finance or technology (like I used to). So while they usually follow instructions, do ask your VA for their opinion, you’ll be surprised about the insights you gain.

The tasks they can help you with vary according to what they specialise in. I used to help my clients with:

  • Setting up sales pages for Webinars
  • Migrating and Maintaining Email Marketing set ups
  • Setting up payment integrations
  • Building and Maintaining WordPress sites
  • Scheduling Social Media Content
  • Supporting you in running webinars etc.

Well, I hope that this introduction made it a little bit easier to understand what a VA is and what they can help you with.

What if I need more though?

I get it. There comes a time when someone that only follows instructions is not enough anymore, you need a new proactive member in your team that can help you to strategise, devise your marketing plans, implement complex tech setups, design sales funnels and write email copy. The truth is though that it’s unlikely that you will find a unicorn that can do all of the above, so why not consider hiring our team? We have dedicated team members for everything from strategy to design, copy and ads – and we manage the team for you, so you only ever have one point of contact. Learn more about how we work here.

Are you nowhere near fully booked, but you just don't have any time?

No, that doesn't mean that you need to hire an assistant right away, what it probably means is that your tools and systems need a little TLC. If you're currently keeping all of your business tasks in your head, don't have any documented processes and can't automate because your tools just won't work together, then we should talk.

Together we can save you hours of precious time every week by streamlining and documenting your processes, reviewing your business tools to make sure they work FOR you and then implementing all of those changes.

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