Crush It TV – Episode 016 – How to find team members that stick with you till the end

In this episode of Crush It TV I go into what you need to do to find team members that will literally go down with the sinking ship.

Finding Loyal Team Members That Will Go Down With The Sinking Ship

I’m really passionate about the topic of teams because of my own personal experience in the workplace. I know how much toxic teams can harm a business and until those issues are resolved – you will not be productive.

In the video I’m covering my top tips for generating loyal team members, here are the key points and you’ll get the details from the video.

  1. Do not translate your corporate experience to your business
  2. Don’t waste your time on lengthy interviews
  3. Scale back your communication to just enough to establish if you could have a personal relationship with that person.
  4. Trial people out at full workload as early as possible
  5. Spend time each day (or every time you have to connect with your team member) asking about their personal situation, their kids, their husband or their pet.

The show now happens on my FB page every Friday Afternoon UK time, come and join me live next time.

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