How to Deal With Distracting and Negative Thoughts as an Entrepreneur

I just went live in my Facebook Community to talk about Mindset – in particular when you are in a cycle of having distracting or negative thoughts. If you want to join the community then you can do so here.

Personally, I experience 3 major types of distractions:
1. Negative self-talk stopping me from taking action.
2. Brilliant ideas stopping me from focussing
3. Distractions from other areas of my life taking my focus away from my work

In this video, I talk about how I have managed to stay in control of 1 and 2 – and how the struggle continues with number 3.

I’m also talking about what’s personally happening in my life right now, so if you fancy a little human connection and knowing what’s happening #behindthehighlightreel then watch till the end.


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