E4 - Navigating Social Media as a Business Owner

E4 - Navigating Social Media as a Business Owner

E4 - Navigating Social Media as a Business Owner

In today’s episode we’re discussing the difficult task of navigating social media as a business owner.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love being actually social, however I don’t love being on the constant hamster wheel of content – so in today’s episode we’re talking about how you can post less, be social more and get way more results for your business that way.

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⚠️ The transcript has been copied straight out of Descript. It is NOT edited and will be full of weird typos for your entertainment. One day I’ll be able to get someone to fix it, until then the laughs are free.

[00:00:00] Hello. Hello and welcome back to the online business rebels podcast. I'm your host, Jessica Donington. And this episode is all about the dreaded topic of social media. So I personally have a love, hate relationship with social media. And I'm pretty sure that this isn't something that just, uh, affects me, but pretty much everyone that I know I do love it when I can actually use it to be social.

[00:00:28] And I love the connections that I've made. And honestly, if it hadn't been for social media, I wouldn't have gotten to know these people. But the part that I don't like is the pot where I'm constantly required to show my face X amount per day or per week, or I don't know, create a hundred different pieces of content and do stupid reels pointing.

[00:00:51] Nothing because everyone else does them. And I probably also used to think that being on all of the platforms all of the time is just what you have to do as a business owner. And I see so many others that are new in the online business world, spending hours and hours of time that they really don't have with designing a beautiful grid.

[00:01:16] Investing a lot of money that they don't have in social media, scheduling tools, spending hours upon hours, writing really long form content about their personal views on topic X, uh, making a gazillion reels that deliver absolutely zero value or zero results. And then eventually after a few months of doing all of this all the time, they kind of burn out doing that.

[00:01:44] And then. Although most people haven't really gotten any results with it. They then waste their money on getting a VA to do all of the posting and all of the scheduling and all of the designing and all of the, this, and all of the, that.

[00:01:56] And I have honestly done all of the above myself, but here's the thing. What nobody likes to tell you is that the thing that matters in your business is whether or not something is getting you results. If it's getting you results, AKA money in the bank follower count, isn't a result because you don't get paid for follow up account at least, you know, Most of us don't we have to actually deliver a service.

[00:02:23] We'll sell a product. So for me, result equals money in the bank. So if I can't directly correlate the money coming into the bank with my activity on social media, then guess what? That isn't really getting you any results. If we're doing something in our business that is getting us absolutely none or almost no results, then this is something that we shouldn't be doing ourselves.

[00:02:54] It's not something we should be outsourcing to somebody else. It is something that we plain and simple should stop doing entirely because it's not bringing enough results to justify the amount of time and effort that is going into. the first thing that I want to say is that if you're making a commitment to get off of social media and to stop posting this, just bucket loads of content, because you feel like you have to, you're actually not committing online business suicide.

[00:03:27] Literally you want, why? Well, guess what's the stuff that you're doing right now. Isn't bringing you any results anyways. So you actually going to see very little difference in your bottom line. If you stopped doing it. The thing that you will notice is that you suddenly have a lot more time in your day that you didn't have beforehand.

[00:03:46] And guess what? There are many, many, many, many other ways of marketing out there that actually have. Longevity that don't require you to always be on top of some stupid, latest trend. And you can. Literally invest all of those hours that you're currently on the hamster wheel, smashing out content every day, every week, every month, you can invest all of that time into two or three other activities in your business.

[00:04:18] Produce high quality content that builds actual almost relationships with your ideal client that produces qualified leads. And that leads to you making sales and that content remains evergreen. It can be found at all times through search and multiple other ways. we'll have a whole separate. On the topic of the types of content that you might want to create and how that's going to help you.

[00:04:45] What I want to do today is I want to shift your perspective a little bit onto the word social instead of the word media, because right now, the only thing that we're really doing is we are posting media. Posting posting, posting, posting, posting, posting, posting using hashtags, researching this, doing this new trend, that whatever the heck, but what we're forgetting about most of the time is that the power of social media is in the social part.

[00:05:11] Not so much in the media. So lots of opportunities that we have as online business owners actually presented to us through our connections, through our relationships that we've built with other entrepreneurs often over a longer period of time and social media can be one of those places where you make those connections or.

[00:05:31] Originating from anyways, but he probably not going to build a really close connection and a really close business friendship with someone else just off of replying to that Instagram stories once a week, without ever having a proper conversation. So the first thing that I would actually like to encourage you to do today is.

[00:05:53] Think of all of the social aspects of all of these online platforms and think of yourself and your character and what you actually personally enjoy. Do you prefer to be social by sharing snippets of your life in picture format? I guess Instagram is the platform that might work for you. Do you prefer to brainstorm, talk with like-minded people more in a group sort of setting?

[00:06:16] Well then maybe you should stick with being on Facebook because you love being in groups, you know, and having that hive mind kind of thing. Do you prefer to connect with people through sharing articles? Interesting thoughts, uh, short thought provoking statements. Well, you're in luck. Somebody invented Twitter for people just like you do.

[00:06:37] Audio content and audio discussions. Well, there's still a remainder of people on clubhouse who like audio content. Maybe you should go check that out. So you see there is a way for you to be here for you to still be social with people, which is what those platforms are intended for really. It's not intended for you to just slap out shit and then leave and just promote your business.

[00:06:59] That's not what they're for. But being social means engaging with other people's stuff, as well as putting out some of your own. And there isn't really a fixed number of pieces of content that you must be posting, so that you're considered to be, you know, a good to be social with people that that's not what it's about.

[00:07:16] Right. So the best thing for you is to find a platform where you could interact in a way that feels natural for you, that resonates with you. And that is the platform. You want to actually spend time on and focus on being. The next thing that you have to remember when it comes to social media, is that people sadly, mostly care about themselves.

[00:07:37] You me, everyone else. We're always thinking about, I don't know. Does my butt look big in this? Oh, my head's looking weird today. I bet that person over there is looking at me. Oh, why is that man staring like right. We're constantly in a unhappy, what did I say to that person yesterday? I bet they don't like me anymore.

[00:07:54] Now. People are constantly just thinking about themselves. And you will find that you have way more success, having conversations with people and getting to know them when you show interest in them. Because people like to think about themselves. People like to talk about themselves. People love being asked for advice.

[00:08:12] People love getting, positive comments and feedback on their, on their work, on the stuff that they care about, you know, um, To be honest, if you're focusing all of your efforts on social media, on showing interest in the kind of people that you want to be working with, you are going to have way more success, way faster than by slapping out 100 pieces of content and just making a lot of noise waiting for the right people to come and just magically discover you.

[00:08:40] mostly just what you need to do is to share a few things. You know, share some of who you are, some of what you do, some of what you're passionate about, something that you believe in, so that you have something there that people can start a conversation with you about. And other than that, you need to be the person that initiates conversations with other people about things that they like, and that is what's gonna, make you build actual, honest, genuine relationships.

[00:09:08] So once you've picked those one or two platforms that you actually like, and, you know, you're committed to being actually social on those and actually talking to people instead of just talking at people, then it's time to think of who you actually want to connect with. you want to think about your.

[00:09:23] Ideal customer, but also people who you just find inspiring people who might have a similar audience to your audience, but they do a different thing than you do. Those are the perfect people to have as a Phidias, to do collaborations with and that kind of stuff. So you want to go follow those people, friend request those people, send them a message to.

[00:09:43] Say something nice about something that they recently posted or something that you have in common and ask them a question. Always make a statement, ask a question, make a statement, ask a question. You want to keep the conversation going, but make it about them. Don't make it about you. Don't tell them anything about you.

[00:10:00] If they're curious and they like you, they will come and find out more stuff about you. And then they'll ask you a question, right? That's like a natural way that people make a conversation, So you want to refine who those people are. You want to start reaching out to them and you want to start making connections?

[00:10:16] So once, you know, what platform you want to be on and who are the kinds of people that you want to connect with? The next thing I'd suggest that you do is that you establish marketing avenues for growing your audience that are not dependent on any form of social media. So you don't have to be making 30 new posts every week, 30 new reels, 30 new this every month, you know, you don't have to be doing that.

[00:10:40] there's plenty. Of companies who have a shoot business, who basically are not reliant on social media, of what so ever. You could make a podcast like this one, you could start a YouTube channel. You could write, 20 SEO optimized blog posts that are going to be bringing you traffic for years to come without you having.

[00:11:02] Anything else you could do guest podcasting. So you're going on. Someone else's show to be interviewed, you could write guest blog posts, you could do guest trainings, you could do collaborative webinars. Like there is a million things that you can do that will help you to grow your audience. A lot of it is evergreen, and it's going to bring people into your, you know, into your environment for years to come way more.

[00:11:27] Then a real is ever going to do, A real might get you thousands of use and maybe a few more followers, but those followers aren't necessarily ideal customers that really resonate with your message or your brand values or anything like that. Right. So establish marketing avenues for growing your audience, that I've really not dependent on posting on social media or the fricking time.

[00:11:53] You need to set boundaries on how you're going to use the platforms and you need to stick to them. So if you're going to put out a couple of new posts every week, just, you know, some general things, that's cool. whatever it is that you decide, just stick to it, you know, don't do more. I don't fall back into the old habits of just slapping out stuff because you feel like you have.

[00:12:12] The next thing you, they want to focus on is just having honest conversations, sending messages, and genuinely connecting with people and try and have fun. You know, you're allowed to have fun in your business by the way. And if you're thinking a little bit, I'm a bit of an introvert and I don't really like talking to people, then try talking to other introverts.

[00:12:30] You know, if you have, I don't know, social anxiety, talk to people who also have social anxiety, I'm telling you it is. Literally a way easier when you talk to people who understand how challenging the thing that you're doing right now is to them, you know, and lots of people are very outspoken about finding things difficult.

[00:12:50] Like I, I cannot talk on the phone to somebody that I don't know. I ordered something online yesterday that should just be delivered. So someone should just call me to arrange the drop off of the item at my house. This is how it works in Albania. and today they call it. To confirm that I really still wanted to place the order.

[00:13:08] And I'm like, you guys haven't figured out this online shopping thing here at all, the whole point of me online shopping is that I do not want to talk to you to order something. And I have the added difficulty that they obviously often don't speak English very well. So, but yeah, I just stared at my phone ringing and then I WhatsApp message to them afterwards because I was like, I can't talk to these people, particularly not in a foreign language.

[00:13:27] And if someone was semester and be like, Hey, this really takes a lot, but I just wanted to reach out because I like the work that you're doing, nothing bad is going to happen, actually.

[00:13:35] And people are going to be extra nice because you've just told them that this is difficult for you, but you did it anyways. So you're just going to get a lot of encouragement back from people and then invite people to become your actual friends. Talk about business opportunities. Talk about collaborations, have a coffee chat, you know, and just have some freaking fun.

[00:13:53] Like there's some really amazing people out there that you could meet. If you just had a little bit of courage to ask them to have like a 20 minute chat, lots of people do, coffee chats with people like I do. I know other people do. I don't always have as much time, but I could easily do one or two of those.

[00:14:09] When I have downtime, you know, to just chill out and chat to someone and you never know who you're going to meet, you never know how they're going to be able to help you bring your business forward. And it's really, really, really worth it. And the last thing I would encourage you to do is that you've remember.

[00:14:24] All of your accounts on all the other platforms that you really hate using, or that you've just been using, because he's been told that this is the best platform in 20, 20, 20, 21, 20 22, et cetera. So if you don't want to delete the platform entirely, then put up a big post. That makes it very obvious that it says, Hey, I've only been using Instagram because I felt like I had to find me on Twitter instead.

[00:14:48] I'm no longer going to post anything. And that's it. I mean, I think that's really important to do actually, because when people discovered. And someone else might love using Instagram, right? So they're going to always look you up first on their favorite platform. They're still going to be able to find you, but they can see that this is just not a platform that you use rather than them just seeing that you last posted a year ago.

[00:15:11] And then they think, oh, maybe they've gone out of business or something like that. You know, maybe they're not working. Anymore. That's why they stopped posting here. So I think it's very important that either you close the account, so you can't be found with just beans, they do not use this platform. Or you put a very obvious post wherever to say that you, you will no longer be posting there.

[00:15:30] so yeah, I think that's a really important thing to do so that you don't raise the question whether or not, you know, you've stopped doing what. Okay, let me summarize all of this again, because I feel like I've talked for a long time. Um, so number one, think about the social aspects that you actually like about different social media platforms and only remain active on the ones that you actually enjoy using focus on social instead of media.

[00:15:55] So focus on having actual conversations and building relationships with people instead of just endlessly posting stuff in the hope to pick up new followers. once you've picked the platform, pick the kind of people who you want to connect with, then start establishing marketing avenues for growing your audience that are not dependent on social media, so that when you stop making constantly new things, are you attracting people to your business?

[00:16:16] In other words, Set boundaries on how you're going to be using the platform that you aren't keeping, have conversations, send messages, and just connect and have fun and remove all of your accounts on platforms you're not intended to use or let people know where they can find you in instead. And here should find that instead of spending 6, 8, 10 hours a week, making content to post on all the platforms, if you spend six, eight, or 10 hours a week building.

[00:16:45] Honest, straight up connections and relationships with other people in your sphere, they will recommend you to their friends. They will suggest collaborations with you. They will invite you to their bundles and you have ample marketing opportunities just from being social without the endless media.

[00:17:08] That's it for me for this episode. Thank you so much for listening to the online business rebels podcast. As always, you can find all of the show notes@jessicadonneedin.com. And if you enjoyed up this episode, tell a friend about it because I can't help people if they don't know that the show exists as always, I hope you have an amazing day and I will see you for the next one.

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