E6 - Your multiple offers are hurting your business

E6 - Your multiple offers are hurting your business

E6 - Your multiple offers are hurting your business

Designing your offers is a crucial part of building and running your business.

There are 2 major mistakes newer business owners often make and those are what we will be diving into today.

In this episode we will talk about:

  • what to do if you want to offer more than one thing in your business
  • how to make sure you don’t confuse your audience
  • which aspect of having multiple offers will make people NOT buy.

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⚠️ The transcript has been copied straight out of Descript. It is NOT edited and will be full of weird typos for your entertainment. One day I’ll be able to get someone to fix it, until then the laughs are free.

[00:00:00] Hey, Hey, and welcome back to the online business rebels podcast. I'm your host, Jess. And in this episode, we're talking about structuring the offers in your business. So the thing that I want to talk about specifically today is why. And when multiple offers may be hurting your business and what you can do to fix this, if you, in this situation right now.

[00:00:24] So I don't want to end up waffling on for ages today. This should be really a quick run through, and then I will leave it up to you to check out your office from a different perspective. So I first off want to start with the disclaimer that I. I am the kind of person that is passionate about different things.

[00:00:44] And I understand that not everyone wants to work on one offer until the day they die. And I don't for one second, think that you must be having a signature off a task success. I know plenty of people who do not, and it's working just fine for them. I also have some clients and a podcast production agency, and I'm doing.

[00:01:05] Just fine. So I don't think that that's very true. What I want to talk about today is not though having multiple things on the go at the same time. I want to talk about the times where when you have multiple offers, they can harm your business. If they're not set up in the right way, there are really two different scenarios that I want to cover today.

[00:01:26] Both of which can be really damaging to your business in the long run scenario. One is that you have multiple office in the business that are actually kind of old promising the same or a very similar. And scenario two is that you have lots of offers that are essentially for totally different people.

[00:01:47] , Let's get started with the second example. So when I was first getting started online, I also had more than one offer and I wanted to help all the people doing all the things. And this is so normal because you don't really know yet what exactly it is that you really like to do. Who do you want to even do that for?

[00:02:04] Um, how has all of that working out for you? So the thing is that I ended up trying to talk to two different groups of people on my website. And whenever you talk to everyone, you talk to no one, and that is exactly what was happening. So my bounce rate on the website went up. I started getting less clients and less inquiries despite my website visitors pretty much remaining the same.

[00:02:25] And it's because I confuse people. And the second reason why this often doesn't work is because it takes your already pretty, you know, re. Attention and your care and. It divides it into two. And then at the end you don't really get the results you were hoping for from either of the two things that you're doing, because you just didn't have enough attention to give away in the first place to be able to split it into two.

[00:02:55] Particularly, if you also still have a job, you know, there's literally impossible. So if you're in that boat right now, then I want to ask yourself where the biggest growth, potential lies and what lights you up the most. If that is really the same thing, because if you do the thing that lights you up, that you could work 12, 15 hours in one, go without feeling an ounce of tiredness, then that is the thing.

[00:03:19] That will also have the most growth potential and the most revenue potential, because that is what you're enthusiastic for. And they might be another option. Another thing that you're doing right now that has some short term gains, because you can charge more in the first place, but you don't really feel that excited about it.

[00:03:35] The growth potential there will drop off eventually because your excitement isn't going to be there to sustain it. So ask yourself, what is the thing? That lights you up the most and then follow that path and then put your attention into that thing. And then you don't confuse people. I do lots of things at the time.

[00:03:57] But I also don't work alone anymore. I have a partner who takes care of the delivery side of our podcast production agency. I have someone that works with us, for the marketing and for the client support on that side. So. All I really have to do is record the podcast, make connections and do the things that I find fun.

[00:04:20] And that's what we really trying to do in that business. We're trying to get everyone in the places where they find things fun, and that's what we're doing over there. And then for my clients, I have very dedicated hours where I work for them. So. That's also pretty cool. And then I do stuff like this podcast in the evenings and the weekends, because to me it's like a creative expression kind of thing, you know, like right now, again, 7:00 PM, I'm sitting here recording this.

[00:04:45] So, while I do a lot of things, I have like separate containers to be doing those things. and it, I don't feel like I'm going to be, Dropping off in a minute because I'm doing all the things. If you decide that you must, 100% continued to do both, then please consider to do so under separate brands so that you don't end up making the mistake that I made back in the day, which is to confuse people about what you are actually the expert in.

[00:05:13] I offer obviously the marketing, the CTO and COO services. And I do say under my name, And then the podcast production runs under pristine podcasts because it's not really anything to do with me only I just don't want to confuse. Um, and that's why it had to get separated. Right? Let's move on to scenario one.

[00:05:32] So scenario one was that your offers and your business are all pretty much in the same area and for the same people. And now that you look at it in more detail, they kind of old promise the same end result. So I've seen health coaches with 15 courses that old promised to lose. I have seen relationship coaches, with 10 different products that all promise people to get into a relationship with their true partner for life.

[00:06:06] Find the one, you know, all that good stuff. one of those programs cost 50. One of them cost 500. One of them costs 5,000, but the outcome that's being promised is all the same. So I know that when you look at those programs in detail, when you designed them and when you recorded them, you may have had a slightly different angle.

[00:06:28] and while it is. A piece of the puzzle that leads people towards the outcome that they want to have. It, isn't the only product in your business that contributes towards that. Right? However, your audience doesn't look at you with that amount of discernment. And if you have three different offers that all promise the same transformation, then, well, if I'm thinking of buying off for one that promises me to, I don't know, The one , and then I look at your website and then I see there's offer two as well and offer to promises me that if I buy that I will meet the one.

[00:07:06] Well, I was looking at buying off a one. Now I'm confused because if offer one helps me to meet the one, why do you have offer to in your business? Do I need to buy more? So isn't this really. Yeah. So you are actually sowing the seed of doubt in people's mind, because if you need to have 10 different offers to deliver the same thing, it's because one of those offers in itself isn't good enough.

[00:07:30] Are you going to end up having to buy all 10 to achieve the transformation? Right. And it doesn't make any sense. So if you're very unlucky, you end up in the situation where you're trying to tell your people to buy your thing. Like, let's say you're launching, you're doing a live webinar. And your top asked question in the live webinar is, and what is the difference to this other course that I know that you sell because I've been following you for awhile.

[00:07:54] And you're like, well, you kind of learned this, but a bit differently. And or you have people on your website and there's. With so many different products and your online store, all designed to achieve the same outcome. And then they end up having complete decision fatigue and leaving without buying anything because you can't clearly communicate to them why they should be buying product a over product.

[00:08:20] So, if this is happening to you, then you are actually better off combining all of your offers into one product that delivers on the results that it promises. Instead of pushing ahead with having 1, 2, 3, or in case of one of my clients, more than 30 offers all contributing one tiny piece to this promise of getting people a specific end result.

[00:08:47] Or you need to spend some time moving things around your 1, 2, 3 programs to create a clearly distinct transformation for your audience and each of those programs.

[00:08:59] So whenever you communicating with your audience, the thing that you are communicating is the transformation. And if it is unclear to the people, what transformation that they're getting, and they don't trust you, that your product is able to deliver it, they are not going to invest into it.

[00:09:17] And now, you know why. All right. I hope that that made sense is something that's come up in my work. And these last few weeks, a lot, like every single one of my clients has been kind of doing this. so this is something that we've had endless conversations about now. So I thought this would make a good thing to talk about on an episode as well.

[00:09:36] if you have a question. That comes to your mind and you want to ask, then you'll always find my contact details in the show notes. I would love to feature some of your questions on the show as well. If you interested as always thank you so much for listening to the online business rebels podcast, you will find all of the show notes at Jessica Don Eaton com.

[00:09:56] And if you enjoy this episode, do tell a friend about it because the more people listen, the more people can build their businesses happier and faster. And as. I hope you have an amazing day and I'll see it for the next one.

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