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Day of Voxer
Day of Voxer

Day of Voxer

Full Day Voxer Support

Voxer is a free messaging app – it’s brilliant, flexible and SO powerful for getting things done & creating huge change for your business.


Want to work 1:1 with me in a way that is impactful, flexible and affordable?

I get asked a lot of questions all the time, but I honestly haven’t had a good way to actually answer questions in enough depth – until now.

You know a one line reply is NOT going to be good enough, because there’ll be follow up questions an hour later – but the person also doesn’t need to spend one hour on a call with you either, because what they really need to be doing is to IMPLEMENT the things they’re asking about AND get help along the way.

So, I’ve finally implemented a solution that allows for you to get your questions answered in a way that is both high touch AND flexible.

How does it work? You get access to me 1:1 for an entire day on and off using Voxer (a free walkie-talkie voice/text message app) and I get you moving in a hugely impactful way.

Want to know more? Keep reading…

You know it’s time to give your business the attention it deserves. Maybe you have some new ideas but don’t know if they should be a priority or remain an idea, maybe you’re ready to assess your business in more depth with an outsider to get a fresh perspective.

And while you’re not sure what the answer to all of your problems is, what you do know is that you don’t need:

🚫 a single 60-minute call, because it’s not long enough to dig into what you need and there is no time for you to implement and ask follow up questions.

🚫 a long term coaching package, because you can’t commit to that level of support right now.

🚫 another course that you never complete, because that doesn’t get you to take any action.

✅ You KNOW you need support to get out of your own way, take some proper action and stop telling yourself that you can’t do it.

But when you look around for options, all of the stuff out there is just… Not quite what you need.

It would be great if you could…

💡 Have access to a mentor who understands what it means to run a business and deal with all the pressures that come with it

💡 Talk to someone who knows the need to fit it all around your current responsibilities AND stay in line with your personality and your values.

💡 Dive deep into your mindset challenges for a whole day

💡 Get just the right amount of support to get you to taking action

💡 Or get some feedback on that idea you just can’t let go of

Well… I have some good news for you. That’s exactly what you sign up for when you book a Day of Voxer with me!

I can’t wait to work with you to get you moving towards your dreams. Any questions? See the FAQ below.


“I am very thankful for your accurate work.

I am a little bit horrified by the amount of problem areas mainly because I built everything by myself, and it’s been very difficult for me to learn things as I go.


How does a day of Voxer work?

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages.

During a Day of Voxer, we’ll be in touch over Voxer on and off to dive deep into whatever is keeping you stuck, or whatever that idea is that you want to make progress on.

Here’s how a Day of Voxer works:

📅 You choose a date for your Day of Voxer.

You don’t need to free your calendar for this. A Day of Voxer works really well around the school run, dinner time, or even around other meetings and calls. So if you have a few things on, or you have to start it late/ end it early that’s fine as long as we still have a chunk of a few hours.

You just need to make sure you have enough time between your day activities to listen and reply to messages – as well as the mental space to think, process, take action, journal (if you need to) etc.

If you have a full-time job I do set aside the odd weekend day as well, OR you can book a half day and work with me after hours (if the time zones line up).

📱 We get you set up on Voxer.

If you don’t have a Voxer account, you’ll create one – it’s free.

We’ll add each other on Voxer, and you can send me a message in advance to tell me more about what’s holding you back. This way, we can dive right in when your day starts.

🕙 When your Day of Voxer comes, you’ll have access to me from 10am to 8pm Central European time.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a 10 hour chat (which would be exhausting for us both), and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the day at a steady yet relaxed pace. Sometimes back and forth, sometimes with some gaps for other stuff going on in our lives & work.

The best thing about a Day of Voxer is that we have space in between messages to think, journal, or take action in between.

That’s part of what makes a Day of Voxer so effective.



What can we accomplish during a Day of Voxer?

Here are some real-life examples of things I’ve worked with clients on:

⭐ Helping someone to figure out their pricing, not just the practical side but also digging into mindset blocks getting in the way.

⭐ Helping someone tweak their website, and getting them clear on where they were overthinking/ what really matters

⭐ Going back and forth on a sales page and offering and tweaking it throughout the day until it was all ready to go.

⭐ Giving feedback on an opt-in freebie, and coming up with ideas to get more people to download it.

⭐ Getting clear on messaging and who they want to work with

It’s also okay if you’re not sure what you want to talk about. Sometimes we just know that things are off somehow, but can’t really tell why, right? That is exactly where I come in.

During your Day of Voxer, I’ll be digging deep, asking questions, and keeping us on track until we get to the core of what’s getting in the way of you achieving your business goals.


When you book a Day of Voxer, what you’re really getting is...

Support from an experienced online business mentor who knows how to get you the results you want for your business or your life in general – and who wants you to do it in a way that works for your personality AND your values.

After our day of Voxer you’ll come away with:

⭐ Some serious momentum on that thing you’ve been working on.

⭐ Clarity on the mindset stuff holding you back from taking the action you want to take or charging the rates you want to charge.

⭐ Confidence in that idea you’ve been working on, and a clear plan of action moving forward.

⭐ The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are supported

⭐ And insights from someone who has been there, who gets it, and is really good at getting to the heart of what’s really going on, so that you can move forward with renewed determination.

Ready to book your day and make some serious progress in your business?

Click the button below to choose a date for your Day of Voxer. Follow the prompts to complete your booking and payment. That’s it – I’ll see on Voxer when it’s time!


Here’s a recap of everything you’ll get...

✨ Access to me from 10am to 8pm CET (or, if you’re a few hours ahead/ behind Europe, get in touch and we may be able to work something different out). It isn’t a continuous 10 hour chat (which would be exhausting for us both), sometimes we do some back and forth, sometimes with some gaps for other stuff going on in our lives & work.

✨ We can chat about anything to do with your business and marketing strategy! We mainly stick to a specific subject: revising your offers and pricing, launching, mindset, boundaries, challenges, email marketing, or feelings!!

✨ You send me succinct(ish) voice and text messages and I’ll reply with a mixture of both. I’ll try to be as responsive as possible, we can do some back-and-forth (but it’s not the same as a day long call) and you can use the time in between messaging to work on your ideas/ get other stuff done. (Trust me when I say this is powerful and really works!)

Price: $297

Rescheduling is fine as long as you give 48 hours notice.

I can’t wait to work with you to make things happen for your business!

Any questions? See the FAQ below, or just message me on instagram @jessicadornieden and I’ll get back to you asap.


How much time is included in a Day of Voxer?

How available do I need to be during the Day of Voxer?

What if we’re in different time zones?

What days can I do this on?

None of the dates available work for me...

Is this a non-stop 10 hour conversation?

What days can I do this on?

Is Voxer free?

Can I book this if I’ve already done a Day of Voxer with you?

What if I need to reschedule?

What kind of topic is NOT a good fit for a Day of Voxer?

What kind of topic is a good fit for a Day of Voxer?


Want to ask something else before you book? Just send me a message on instagram @jessicadornieden and I’ll get back to you asap.