Notion Business Hub VIP Day
Notion Business Hub VIP Day

Notion Business Hub VIP Day

Let me build you a Business Hub in Notion that becomes your ‘one source of truth’ for everything in your business.

This is for you if you’re tired of having meetings with no agenda and no follow up, if you want to stop searching for that ‘really important Google Doc’ you made last week, stop replying to the same questions on Slack, stop needing to micro-manage every aspect of your business and your team because something is bound to go wrong...


Are you sick and tired yet of constantly look for STUFF in Google Drive/Email/Slack/Asana?

You know how this goes, you’re on one of those endless meetings you’re having with your team “to make sure everyone is on track” when something really important is mentioned.

Where do you go with that info?

Of course.

You open a google doc and start typing these brilliant ideas on how you can improve the sales conversion of your latest offer.

And then next week when your copywriter REALLY NEEDS that document, they look for it in Drive for 10 minutes, can’t find it. They don’t want to bother you, so they spend another 10 mins messaging everyone else that was on the meeting.

They don’t know about the file either.

Now they’re asking you.

You spend another 10 mins looking for the file and find it buried in your personal Drive.

And then you and your team repeat this about 15 times a day.

And you’re paying for it all.

You are losing productivity in your team, you are wasting your time answering the same questions and no one feels like they’re really getting ahead.

Or maybe you’re constantly stressed waiting for the next thing to go wrong?

This isn’t just giving you anxiety, but your team isn’t feeling much better either, always waiting to be told they forgot something or they should have communicated something to someone else.

If you don’t have a central place to keep all of your goals, your metrics, your resources, your processes AND your projects and tasks for your team members, things are bound to just slide - and the end result is everyone living in fear of forgetting something important.


As a [potentially neurodivergent] visionary business owner systems and tech are NOT your cup of tea.

I totally get it, you know what it takes to get the job done, but you don’t really know what is the best way to communicate this to your team and keep everyone on track.

That’s why I created my Notion VIP Day, so that I can get you set up with your own personal Hub in no time.

What is Notion - why not use Google Sheets like everyone else?

The answer is simple. It JUST doesn’t work. Google Sheets are mainly a random combination of isolated files that cannot be successfully linked with each other in a structural way. They can’t be sorted by various criteria and put into different contexts, they are simply inflexible.

Notion provides an all in one solution for everything.


All your info in ONE place...

... and did I mention that the information is taggable, and searchable, and linkable - which basically means you will NEVER lose information again.

Long-form writing

Need to get your thoughts out AND find them later?

Notion can do that. You can write freeform, long-form content and add images and embed mindmaps, perfect for brainstorming!


A unique access point for each team member

So that everyone on your team only ever sees the information that is relevant to them.

Planning and measuring

Review your business in the same spot as you do the work

No need for multiple sheets for planning, measuring and reviewing.

If you’re using G-Suite, Slack, Trello, Pipedrive, Dubsado, Typeform etc. to (unsuccessfully)

  • keep track of your goals and targets for the quarter
  • store your important business spreadsheets that your entire team is collaborating on
  • manage your sales pipeline
  • deliver feedback from coaching sessions to clients
  • manage your course launches

It’s not your fault! You just didn’t know that there was a better solution out there.

Is a Notion VIP Day Right For Me? 🤔

This is for you if...

✅  Your business is spread out over multiple platforms and you don’t know where to find anything.

✅ You or your team regularly get interrupted during the work by messages from people looking for stuff.

✅ You or your team constantly need to switch between apps to get the most basic of jobs done.

✅ You want you (or your team members) to spend less time looking for things and more time getting things done.

✅ You want everything to do with your business at your fingertips at all times.

✅  You’re Notion curious. You’ve setup your account, you’ve imported some templates but you don’t have the time or know-how to make it work for you.

✅  You’re open to moving or investing into new software because you know that it will save you tonnes of time and money elsewhere.

✅  You’re willing to invest in an expert to set this up for you, and you understand the amount of time and effort that goes into building systems.

This is not for you if...

❌ You’re brand new in business and don’t quite know what you’re selling yet (work that out and then come back so I can help you 😉)

❌ You aren’t willing to do what it takes to maintain your system and databases.

❌ You aren’t willing to spend 5-7 hours documenting your systems/sending over existing documentation.

❌ You don’t like change.

❌ You aren’t willing to invest in software that will save you time (and money in the long run)

❌ You don’t want to do something to stop wasting 5-10 hours a week in completely unproductive meetings - cause, hey, at least there is coffee!

Ready to get started?

Booking a Notion Business Hub VIP Day is EASY!

1️⃣ Reserve your VIP Date

As soon as you’re ready you can just book your VIP date. There will be some questions to fill out to make sure that we’re a good fit.

2️⃣ Complete your Pre-Work

Once you’re onboarded and the contract is sorted I will give you access to your client portal in Notion, where you will find all of your pre-work.

3️⃣ Get your Notion Strategy

You will complete the pre-work and I will then build a custom Notion strategy for you and submit it for your review.

4️⃣ Receive your Business Hub

If it sounds like I’m on the right track I will build your final business hub and return it to you and your team, along with personalised and general training.

Once you’ve received your final hub, you will receive Email and Loom support from me for 2 weeks, so you and your team can ask about anything that’s not covered in the trainings.
At the end of those 2 weeks we can then get on an optional Systems Adjustment Call to complete any refinements in your processes.

The Investment

Because this is a brand new offer, you can secure yourself the chance to join at this crazy low rate. There are 5 spots available before the price will go up, so if you’re thinking of joining do it now.

The investment for the full Business Hub Build is:

800 USD

This includes:

  • systems pre-work
  • strategic workspace plan
  • business hub build
  • personalised walk through of your new hub
  • 2 weeks of email and loom support
  • Access to all of my Notion training videos for you or your team

Samples of the types of pages your hub might include:

Please note: All hubs are custom build to fit YOUR processes so your end result may look completely different, these are pure examples.

Team Dashboards


Tasks, Projects, Events


Blog Hub


Podcast Dashboard


Resource Database


Testimonial Database


Meeting Templates


Online Course Database


Client Portal


And these are just SOME of the possibilities...

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

I have Notion and it’s just as messy as my Google Drive, how do I even make sure I maintain this?

The one sentence I have said more times than any other is “a tool is NOT a system”.

Notion is very much a blank slate. And just using a new tool, does NOT clear up the clutter. So if the blank slate of Notion is overwhelming the easy fix is to buy a template and for some people these work well as a starting point, but that’s because they adapt the template into THEIR system but for most people this doesn’t work either.

So, the clutter you experience is caused by lack of a system and that’s exactly where the business hub comes in.

When I build the business hub, I send you a lot of pre-work because I want to understand not just how you run your business, but also how you plan, how you measure success and how YOU as a person work - and then I do the same for your key team member.

I myself am neurodiverse and my brain does NOT work alongside the usual advice of ‘eat the frog’ and such, so I want to know how YOUR brain works and make something that works for you. Maybe you also have other challenges, such as very little time to work on your business or maybe you need to carefully monitor your energy levels due to chronic illness or any other reason - all of these are things that I want to know, so that when I build your task database, I give you ways to filter by low energy tasks, so you can still get SOMETHING done. Or by tasks around a certain length.

This is NOT just another template.

Of course, at the end of it all, you still need to be committed to using the system but I promise you, I love things that are SIMPLE to use and that you can run with.

Also, 2 weeks after I’ve finished your Hub, we can have a zoom call so that we can iron out anything that doesn’t feel right for you after using it.

I have used other templates before I never know where to find my tasks and I had to click around a lot, how do YOU set that up?

That is a really good question. I have mentioned above that I am a fan of SIMPLE to use - and that means more set up for me up front, so that it’s simple for you to use.

The Notion Workspaces I build all have 2 main parts to them.

  1. A place where I store ALL of your information in master databases (your tasks, your notes, your resources, your projects etc.) - this is not a place you will EVER really access, because it’s merely there to hold all of your information.
  2. Your Notion Dashboards from which you will actually access the information - here you will just receive a filtered view of what you need to know.

This makes sure that the information you see when go to your dashboard is what you actually need to be aware of RIGHT NOW.

Let’s say you’re doing a huge launch in 90 days.

When you (or your team members) start work in the mornings you DO NOT need to see each and every single task to do with the launch - actually if you DID you may feel very overwhelmed on the regular.

You just need to know what you’re doing TODAY, and maybe what else is coming up THIS WEEK - so when I build your dashboard I will give you a few different filtered views that you can get started with, and then if you notice there is a specific way that you’d like to view your tasks or your notes or anything else, we can add this in on our systems adjustment call, which is why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you take the 2 weeks after receiving your Hub to use it as much as possible.

Below are 2 different variations of many many many options when it comes to displaying your info - the variable is the preference of the person using it:


We can set up views for you to see your tasks by WHEN they are due if you just prefer things to work in a linear fashion.

We can set up views for you by client or by type of project if you prefer to complete similar tasks in bulk or you often need to make sure that specific client projects are up to date.

Then, when it’s time to review the status of the project, you can go into the specific project and then see all of your tasks completed and uncompleted to do with that specific project, and then get a high level overview as and when you WANT to, not because it’s constantly in your face.

How do I book in and how does the payment work?

Just click on any of the buttons on this page and they will take you through to my Calendly so you can reserve your Notion build.

Payment is due at the time of booking.

I will send out a formal contract and then get you access to your Client Portal that contains all of the pre-work.

How does the pre-work work? How much time does it take? When do I need to do it?

The pre-work has to be finished 48 hours before your booked date, so I can make sure it’s complete and ask any follow up questions.

How long your pre-work takes will depend on how well documented your systems are and how many aspects of your business you’d like added to your hub. I’d say it will take you a minimum of 5-7 hours.

I will be asking about all of the areas that you’ve touched on in your booking form to make sure that I have as many of your systems covered as possible.

If you do not send your pre-work in time I will not be able to hold your VIP Strategy Session on the date booked. If I can get someone else to take your session that has already sent their Pre-Work then I will and I will offer you an alternative date. If not, then the full fee is payable and no service will be delivered.

What is your cancellation policy?

Because your Notion VIP Day takes place on certain dates and these are blocked in my calendar my cancellation policy is as follows:

10.2 On cancellation of a Training Session or VIP Day you must pay us the following fees: (a) if notice of cancellation is received 48 hours or less before the start of the relevant Training Session or VIP DAY, a cancellation fee of 100% of the fee for the Training Session or VIP DAY; (b) if notice of cancellation is received 14 days or less before the start of the relevant Training Session or VIP DAY, a cancellation fee of 50% of the fee for the Training Session or VIP DAY; (c) if notice of cancellation is received more than 14 days but less than 30 days before the start of the relevant Training Session or VIP DAY, a cancellation fee of 25% of the fee for the Training Session; and (d) if notice of cancellation is received more than 30 days before the start of the relevant Training Session or VIP DAY no cancellation fee is payable.

Do I need to be available on the date and time booked?


The date and time are merely in place to reserve the date in my calendar.

You will deliver all of the information I need in your pre-work and I will potentially need to ask return questions before your strategy session.

I will then complete your Notion strategy and send it for review and you will have the chance to highlight any changes needed.

I will then build your Hub 48 hours later and send it to you. While you do need to be around to answer any questions, you do not need to be online on the date and at the time booked.

Do you offer any training and support for me and my team?


You will receive a personalised tour of your new Notion Business Hub with the final link.

In this tour I will explain all of the main functions. You will then also receive access to my Notion training library where you will learn the basics of navigating Notion and making changes to your databases.

I would always recommend that you keep a save copy of your Business Hub just in case anything breaks.

For 2 weeks after your final hub has been delivered to you, I will be around to answer your questions via Email and Loom Video - and at the end of the 2 weeks we can have an optional call to adjust and tweak any of your setup.

Please note: Nothing NEW will be created on this call, we will simply make changes to anythings that’s not working.

Will you migrate all of my business’ data across into Notion for me?


Once you receive your final hub you can start populating it with your data.

I think that it’s important for you and your team to do that, so that you learn your way around Notion and practice entering your data and making updates.

Also not ALL data will need to be moved across and you are best placed to decide what is needed and what can be let go.

What kind of things can you build into my Business Hub?

The possibilities are as varied as the businesses out there - and what your hub looks like is entirely up to you.

Most businesses need the following areas covered:

  • Marketing and Content Creation (this could include podcasts, YouTube channels, social media accounts etc.)
  • Sales (this could include a CRM, enquiry forms, sales email scripts etc.)
  • Operations (these are your tasks, projects, your key metrics etc.)
  • Finance (not every accountant likes their data in Notion, but we can certainly build you a finance hub with links to all of your bookkeeping sheets etc.)
  • Delivery (these could be client portals, coaching portals, online courses, memberships etc.)

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