The Part-Time COO
The Part-Time COO

The Part-Time COO

You’re an established business owner, but you need someone to take over the responsibility for all the things going to plan...

Then let me be your part-time fractional COO.

What is an Online Business COO?

As your part-time Online Business COO I will take responsibility for all of the operational and technical aspects of your business.

As your COO I worry about your process, your current projects, your systems and making sure that the entire team stays on track. I monitor everyone’s workload and make sure that we’re on track to meet targets without running into bottlenecks. I can also take over your tech stack.

I do this in cooperation with you and your other team leaders (usually sales, marketing and customer support as well as program leaders).

What I do as part-time COO

✅  I work with you and your team to establish your business’s current technological needs and assess your current systems against your ideal desired outcomes

✅  I plan for future growth and ensure that your systems stack is capable of growing with you and your team

✅  I work with you and your team to plan for major upcoming events (such as new product launches) ensuring that all tech is set up to work flawlessly, from marketing to sale and delivery, your customer support team members are trained on any needed aspects, your VA is ready to deal with any issues etc.

✅  I complete any major upcoming tech projects such as system migrations together with your team to ensure the least amount of service interruption to your business


What a part-time COO is not


❌  A VA that works with you on an ongoing basis to complete routine tasks in your business (such as uploading content, making minor website changes etc.)

❌  A developer that’s available 24/7 on call to fix any urgent tech needs (such as a website that has stopped working).

❌  Your marketing lead that makes decisions on how your launch should work, what type of content you should post etc.

❌  Your CIO/data scientist/tracking expert that builds intricate tracking systems to measure business performance and reports on data week-on-week

Don’t take it from me...


The part-time COO role is designed for established business owners (generating multiple six figures annually) ready to let go of the responsibility of the tech and operations part of their business.


This role is a high-level role within your business. I work directly with you the CEO as well as your marketing, data and customer support leads to ensures that everything in your business runs smoothly and they are able to meet their objectives.


I lead your other team members such as VAs, content writers, developers etc. and define the strategy and tactics. I work within your business during fixed time slots every single month to ensure your team has what it needs to get their job done – hence why I’m the part-time COO.


I’m well-versed in setting up, integrating and maintaining all major online business systems. I have an eye on all major product developments within the industry to ensure I always make the recommendations that are the best fit for YOUR business.

How it works

Step 1

Application Form

Because this role is an integral part in the business I have a more detailed application form so that I can understand the stage your business is at, how you’re currently set up, what the bottlenecks and challenges are and if your needs are a good fit for my skills.

Step 2

Quick Call

Because of how important this role is I will not work with you if we haven’t had a call (or a longer chat via Voxer if you’re allergic to calls). I only work with clients that I genuinely get along with and whose values I align with. This avoids us starting work together and then realising that we don’t see eye to eye.

Step 3

The Boring Stuff

If we decide to work together, we will then tackle the contract and invoicing as well as setting up the scheduled dates when I will be working with you. We will then complete the onboarding process together and start getting things in ship shape.

Step 4

I get to work

Once the onboarding is complete I’m going to start getting the lay of the land within your business, I’ll be speaking to team leads, assessing your current needs and setting the direction for the future. I will then set up the steps I need to complete as well as those your team need to complete in between my sessions with you.


2 days per month: $1500 per month 1 day per week: $2500 per month 2 days per week: $4000 per month

Don’t take it from me...


What do I bring to the table as your part-time online business COO?

My Gallup Strengths are: Activator | Command | Communication | Positivity  | Self-Assurance

I have spent the last 6 years working alongside six and seven-figure business owners and have become an integral part of their team for all things tech and operations. I understand not just the tools but also the marketing methods which makes it easy for me to support your marketing team lead.

I’ve set up the tech for and managed the whole team behind multiple six-figure launches.

I’m an expert with most major tools used across the online business space from website, to course platforms, email marketing services and CRMs as well as Help Desks.

I started out from the bottom as a VA myself, so I understand where your team is coming from. I am used to working with remote teams across multiple time-zones and understand the challenges involved.



When is the right time to hire someone like you?

The clients I work with usually generate multi-six-figures++ in annual revenue. They use multiple software systems for internal organisation, marketing, sales, customer support and program delivery. They have key team members in place for sales, marketing, customer support and program delivery as well as some existing existence in the tech department (be it a VA or someone on the marketing team that currently steps in to fix things).

How does this compare to your VIP days?

I work as your online business CTO on an ongoing basis for a fixed number of days per month. I focus on strategy, tactics, instruction for your team and some of the more complex implementation. My time as CTO is often spent on planning, attending meetings with your team leads, preparing for upcoming events and improving existing systems.

The VIP day on the other hand is focused on implementation. I will complete one or multiple projects that you’re currently struggling with. I do not attend meetings, integrate into your team or offer any kind of long-term strategic support.

How do I know that your work is bringing a positive ROI to my business?

The ROI of “tech and operations” is different to the ROI of marketing. If I send a sales email and it generates 5 sales, then it’s easy to calculate the return. If I run ads and generate x amount of sales, it’s easy to calculate the return.

But what is it worth that your website doesn’t crash when 1000 potential buyers click on your sales page link during your live webinar?

What is it worth that your buyers are not demanding refunds because the zap that was supposed to give them immediate access broke and they never got their logins?

What is it worth that customer support tickets related to tech are rare because systems integrate without issue?

What is it worth that your launches run smoothly because someone is coordinating all of the backend setup without you having to worry about micro-managing team members and paranoid testing things all the time?

Will you be available immediately when something breaks?

The purpose of this role is not to provide 24/7 support. My clients normally have a techy VA, developer or any other capable marketing team member in place for routine tasks such as sending regular emails, repairing simple broken links on websites etc. the point of my support is to plan ahead, prevent issues, manage projects, make decisions on systems and coordinate people.

I could just ask my VA to do that right?

Yes, you can do all sorts of things.

If that’s what you’re doing right now and it’s working fine for you, then this is not the right service for you.

If however that is what you’ve been doing for the last 6 years and you are realising now that you’re driving yourself crazy trying to manage all of your team members yourself, because you are incapable of remember what tech, marketing, sales customer support and your delivery teams are doing then it’s time to hand that stuff off.

The benefit of this role doesn’t lie in the fact that someone else is building your sales page. The benefit is in you saying “we are launching x, here is the result I want” and everyone in your team does their part to make it happen without you having to be involved in any of it. It’s about handing off responsibility, not giving away tasks.

I need details, what does your work look like in practice?

After a brief onboarding period where I get to know your business, your team, your organisational structure and your current tech stack I will take over all responsibility for all things tech from whoever currently holds it.

I will dive into working with your team to establish the current needs and future plans so that we can start to improve and build upon existing systems, and address any open loops.

I will be working for you during business hours CET every week on the same day and will attend any meetings during these hours. Most of my work can be done independetly of other team members, so as long as we have a couple of hours overlap in our day progress has been good.

Will you attend leadership meetings?

I will be an integral part of your leadership team and I will attend any meetings held on my workday up until 7pm CET. Otherwise I will be watching the meeting recording and providing you with feedback on my next scheduled workday.

Do you check in on updates in between?

Yep, I check in once or twice a day on messages from all clients. I make a note of the non-urgent stuff and help your team to tackle anything urgent. I will not be able to keep messaging back and forth during the day. It’s not fair on your or other clients to split my attention.

Application Form

Please take your time to fill out this form in as much detail as you can. It's important for me to know if I'm a good fit for you and to save everyone time this is the most efficient way to figure it out. I'm a straight-forward person and will tell your right away if you need more or less help.

If it sounds like we could be working together I will reach out and we'll have a quick call (or a Voxer chat if you prefer). I don't want to work with people whose values don't align with mine, I think it's important that we vibe and 'culture' is everything for me.



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