Welcome Back to the second post in the Virtual Assistant Myths Busted Series. Today I’m busting one of my favourite myths: “I can’t afford a VA” – I may end up saying this about every myth now that I think about it, so let’s say it’s one of my favourites.

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Let the Virtual Assistant Myths Busting Continue

My business is hardly making any money at the moment, so I can’t really afford to hire a VA.

I have met plenty of different online entrepreneurs over the past year, all at different stages in their businesses, and they all say, they cannot afford a VA. Yet, all of my clients are online entrepreneurs at different stages in their businesses – and they can all afford a VA. So, where does this myth come from? I have a feeling this is going to be another one of these myths where we need to dig a little bit deeper.

1. Are you not investing in a VA because you have a low business income?

If that’s the case I totally understand, however have you spent some time digging down into WHY you are not making as much money in your business? Is it because you’re doing your business on the side on top of a full-time job, so you actually don’t have a lot of time to make money? Is it because you are also a parent and there are only so many clients you can see? Is it because you just don’t know how to advertise your business? Is your tech knowledge holding you back?

If you break it down, most people don’t make enough money in their business, because they don’t have enough time to dedicate to their biz (or treat it as a hobby), they lack some important skill or knowledge that would help them get to the next level or it’s simply an internal mindset issue. A VA can’t help you with your mindset and business direction issues, however we can free up additional time or give you additional knowledge according to our specialism which can help you to start seeing your business more as a business than a hobby!

2. Did you know I could have said the same thing a few months ago?

When I first started working as a VA I was doing it on top of my full-time job. My mornings were filled with client work and emails, then I went off to the day job, had discovery calls or did client work on my lunch break and then came home to complete client work until bedtime. I was making money, but I wasn’t making enough money to quit my job, and I was hardly making enough money to justify working from 6am to 10pm every day and working all day on weekends too. I could have said: “I’m not making enough money yet, so I can’ afford an assistant.”, but I didn’t. I hired an assistant anyways. And you know what? That’s why I can work in my business full-time today. If you want to know how and why it worked, watch my video below.

3. VAs come at all price points and with all sorts of specialisms, skills and qualities

Everyone can afford to get started with a VA for a few hours a month. Even those that don’t think they can. Yes. VAs come at all price points and all experience levels and it’s up to you to work out what you need. Do you need the cheapest person you can find that’s “just good enough” to work as many hours as you can afford, or do you ned a very specialised person for a few hours only?

I look forward to going live shortly and sharing my thoughts!

Are you nowhere near fully booked, but you just don't have any time?

No, that doesn't mean that you need to hire an assistant right away, what it probably means is that your tools and systems need a little TLC. If you're currently keeping all of your business tasks in your head, don't have any documented processes and can't automate because your tools just won't work together, then we should talk.

Together we can save you hours of precious time every week by streamlining and documenting your processes, reviewing your business tools to make sure they work FOR you and then implementing all of those changes.

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