I know, I know…

Systems, processes, tech and funnels are not the sexy side of entrepreneurship.

But the results you will see when these pieces come together are!

All of the inspirational entrepreneurs that work with us have some mad skills! They are amazing coaches and have helped thousands of women improve their lives in some shape or form. They know all about nutrition, and mindset, and even the equestrian world.

The thing that they are NOT experts in is tech, automation and online business strategy – and that’s where we come in.

You can read a summary of the services we provide below and then choose the stage your business is in for more details.

It is IMPERATIVE that you fill out an application form TODAY if you want to work with us in September/October. We take on only a few projects at any time so we can devote all of our attention to it, so please don’t be lastminute.com. The clients that plan out their projects well in advance get much better results than those are trying to squeeze everything in at the last minute or make decisions on a whim.

Jessica and her team are both an indispensable and instrumental part of my business. I consider her to be my wing man and would be lost without her support and expertise. Jessica handles everything "tech" related in my business, including client tech support for my membership program, site maintenance and uploading new content and well as assisting in the planning and implementation of launches. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of her and her team to anyone requiring them- from where I sit, she sets the gold standard.
Jane Pike

Confident Rider

Overview of services we provide:
  • Ongoing Digital Marketing Support so you can focus on the things that matter (like a VA but on steroids)
  • Course and Membership Launch Consultation and Management
  • Sales Funnel Design, Strategy and Consulting (ClickFunnels, LeadPages, ConvertKit and many more)
  • Online Business Management
  • Project management (with your team or ours)
  • New Business Packages (Strategy and Consulting, Website Design and Branding)
  • Business Consulting and Strategy for freelancers, designers and VAs
  • Ongoing digital marketing implementation packages
  • ConvertKit Certified Services (Migrations and ongoing Maintenance)
  • Other specialist services (Copywriting, Tech and Design)
  • FB Ads Management

All of our services are holistic. They include my team’s strategy, expertise and abilities – not just for one aspect of your project but for ALL aspects of ALL projects. I am an expert in Online Business Tech and Strategy and can help you to get your business where you want it to be – but only if you let me.

Now choose an option below that reflects your current stage of business [don’t worry you can peek at the others too to see what else we offer] for the services most relevant to you and then book your FREE call with me.

Where is your business at?

All businesses are unique in the way they do things, however most businesses fall into the same pattern of growth and need a similar level of support once they have reached a certain stage. Choose your current revenue below to see the services that are MOST relevant to your right now (of course, you can check out the others too).

Starting Out

$0 – $1k / MO


Growing Quickly

$1k – $10k / MO


Scaling Big Time

$10k / MO AND UP


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