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After 6 years of supporting entrepreneurs as tech, systems and operations lead, Jess noticed the patterns of how lack of systems and clear lines of communication hinder progress and kill entire businesses. She now devotes herself to helping entrepreneurs work better and more efficiently with their remote teams by harnessing the power of Notion as their β€˜one source of truth’.

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Working with your team can be a ticking time bomb πŸ’£

You have hired individuals that are amazing at their jobs, but why are so many things still going wrong?

If you don’t provide a functional work environment for your team you’ll quickly experience the following:

  1. Spreading important business information across multiple platforms forcing your team to constantly check messages or search for files.
  2. Slipping out of flow because you constantly need to switch tools and contexts to obtain information.
  3. Lack of consistency and missed deadlines in your recurring tasks such as content production because there are no clear standards and processes
  4. Getting lost in the details because you have no way to keep an eagle eye on how things are progressing.
  5. Needing to hold endless meetings in a failed attempt to keep people connected and on the same page - but seeing little progress because there is no clear follow up.
  6. Team Members quitting because of the pressure and chaos and lack of tools to complete their job.

With my help you can avoid all of this and...

Finally become organised βœ…

I give your team members the chance to be happy and successful at work. Here’s how

1. Document your Workflows

We document your workflows to prevent any gaps in communication and collaboration between your team members.

2. Create a perfect system

I build your Business Hub in Notion to make sure you and your team never lose sight of your work again.

3. Train you and your team

Then I train you and your team on your new system and Notion.


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Get all of the business, tech and systems tips right in your inbox ⚑️

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